When Atlantis Fell book 2: To the Death (working title)


Working on summary of book 2 (follow on to Wall of Destruction).  Here is the summary of the first few chapters.  Please let me know what you think.

–  Modern times with winged spear found in southern China.

 – Air battle between Alta’s forces and Luxa forces, with Alta winning with 3 craft left. Risor was left to recuperate still and was not told of the battle to come.

 – Epilogue info from WoD where they tell Risor what is happening.

 – Risor goes to the council as he is still the acting military leader. He talks about how that Luxa lost all 8 of their craft, it would just be a matter of time before they rebuilt their force and came back at Alta. How Alta could scavenge the downed craft to see what they can recover but they might not be able to get more than 3-4 craft in the air. That something else has to be done. The council debates the issue.

 – Risor with Demara talk with his family about what this might mean. The scholar states how they could not go further north because the weather is too crazy and how they could not really go west because of the same thing. They could go east over the mountains to reside along the river valleys there but it would be hard and long.

– Risor comes up with the trying to get allies from the Asian rebels or Rama to see if they can join in an attack to destroy Luxa’s ability to make new aether weapons. He explains this to the council. The council figure they have a few years before Luxa can rebuild a large enough force to come at Alta again without leaving themselves vulernable in Luxa. They decide to cross the mountains and build a new hidden city amongst the river valleys of the northern coast line. They would use the vailixi to scout a way and then start building there as they did in New Alta. Risor convinces them to  let him and his crew take their vailixi west to find the allies.

– They spend a month recovering the downed vailixi and find they can repair one of them plus top off the energy for each vailixi and some of their power suits. While they can not keep all three combat effective, they can use them for transports. Risor and his crew are joined by 6 trooper in power suits. His old team from WoD joins as his crew. They say their good byes to friends and family.

– Risor’s vailixi flies first south towards old Alta to see if Luxa was there. They find signs that someone was there not sure if it was Luxa or Atlantis from before. They advise Alta to send a team down south to scavenge if they can.

– Heading south over the Gulf, Risor notes the continued change of the Gulf and how the barrier islands to the inner seas have disappeared beneath the waves. They turn west to cross over mexico and head north along the west coast. There the gently slopping coastal regions have been inundated and in many regions it has run up into the foothills. Going further north they run along the glaciers heading west. Eventually they come to land again and start following that south. They noticed that large regions that were grasslands or forests near the glaciers have been covered with water. The seas are rising and have started to flow between the trees.

– As Risor’s team goes along the eastern coast of Japan at night, they notice distant lights in the hills above the water. Risor cant find mention of villages this far north along the coast. They believe this is either some of the Raman allies way further east than previously thought or refugees from X, which might have finally succumbed to the rising sea levels. They land a good distance from the lights so they can try to approach the next day.

– Risor goes with his trooper friends to see who these people are ..  as they get closer they are ambushed by a power suit armored force. Before all the shooting starts Risor gets the enemy to stop and talk. They find out that these are indeed refugees of X and friendly. They go to the refugee encampment.

– Risor learns that the rebellion against Atlantis had gone badly. That initially the rebels did okay but they had the majority of their vailixi and infantry mauled in a major engagement a few months before. This strike was about the time that the split between Atlantis and Luxa occurred but not in time to save the rebels. With the defeat, the Atlanteans attacked their city and forced the rebels to flee into the wild. Those that could were gathered up and brought to this location. Many were killed by the Han allies of Rama, once they figured out that X and Y were rebellion against Atlantis.