WIP: Treatment for When Atlantis Fell

So I have completed the pilot episode for the four season serial. This is an epic, sci-fi/fantasy ensemble covering the destruction of Atlantis during the last Ice Age. It is based on a trilogy that I am currently writing and the rewrite of Wall of Destruction.

Now I am working on the treatment I believe that Hollywood would eventually ask for. For season one I will cover half of book one of the trilogy (which I have already written). Here is the synopsis followed by the episode summaries.

What do you think of the story?

Log Line: Flying craft, energy weapons, sword and shield are used in an Ice Age global war. The destruction of Atlantis is told from the perspectives of those crossing paths with one Atlantean officer, who causes the fall of civilization to stop those who would enslave the world.


A global war between the empires of Atlantis and Rama, ravage the Ice Age world. Their civilizations fueled by Aether, a power source channeled through crystals that act as batteries. Aether allows them conveniences similar to our modern society. Both have more primitive allies who have superhuman heroes that have been blessed by the Gods. For Atlantis, there is also a political rivalry for the Emperor’s ear between the Atlantis first party, Shigar, and the peace party, Nelos.

In season one, RISOR, the commander of a squadron of Atlantis’ flying machines called vailixi, fights his nation’s enemy and his political enemy, JANA, a Shigar member and rival squadron commander. Atlantis turns to powerful Aether weapons, like our nuclear weapons. This starts a tit-for-tat destruction against each empire’s cities that culminates in Rama recognizing they will lose. In a desperate gamble, Rama decides to flood the coastlines by releasing the built up waters of the northern ice pack. INDRAJIT, a hero of Rama, leads a strike on the ice barriers causing flooding that forces the abandonment of many coastal cities including Atlantis. In eastern Europe, ROGAT, friend of Risor and an infantryman, survives the resulting floods but is forced to lead the surviving Atlantean peoples of Eastern Europe to safety while Greek hero, DEMETRI, chases them in the hopes of destroying the last remnants of Atlantis, in the region. Meanwhile, Atlantis realizes that Rama caused this destruction and wants revenge. They recall all forces to the new Atlantis site to lead a massive strike against the remnants of Rama. The remote colonies, trying to recover, realize this would strip them of protections at their most vulnerable and refuse. In Altai, Risor has a successful coup against the military commander as Altai plans for its freedom. In the east, Atlantis sends a force to Moia to force the local military to comply. SHANDAR, a fellow squadron commander in Asia, leads a force that destroys the Atlantean force and forces Utanor and Moia to be independent.


Season 1 Episode Summaries

S1E1: Indrajit goes to the northern ice pack and captures an Atlantean research team. In Atlanta Nado or Eastern Europe, Demetri’s men ambush an enemy force. In Altai, or along the Mississippi River, Risor meets his friends for dinner before they go back to their respective assignments. He meets Rogat there. In Atlantis, Lena says good bye to her lover, Tilor, as his leave ends and he returns to his base. Rogat returns to his base and is promoted to troop leader because of an ambush that killed the previous leader when Rogat was on vacation.

S1E2: Demetri is in the capital of the Tugar, discussing an upcoming attack on Dedeni. Rogat’s troops were left behind to garrison Dedeni when the larger Atlantean force attacks the nearby Tugar town of Bicas. Rogat feels like something bad will happen. Lady Jana comes to Risor’s base and tells him, his squadron would assist in an attack on Rama. He argues about the consequences of the attack but eventually bows to her demands. The attack proceeds successfully destroying the targeted city. Meanwhile, Shandar Kotan leads an attack against the Hu city of Magno to disrupt the allies of Rama at the same time. Demetri launches an attack against Dedeni and overruns the base. They trap Rogat and a few survivors in an underground bunker. Demetri and Rogat meet to talk surrender but Rogat refuses. A relief force of Atlanteans arrives in time to stop the assault on Rogat but are beaten back with heavy loses. Demetri departs giving Atlantis a major defeat.

S1E3: After the strikes in the last episode, Risor is being asked to explain his actions. After the unexplained loss of power, he returned to base. He believes this inquiry is part of Lady Jana’s revenge for questioning her about the logic of the strikes. His squadron joins a multi squadron strike but he is not to command it as is his normal right. Another rival, Jamal, leads the strike. The strike goes all wrong and they barely escape with few survivors. They return to base to find out that Rama has struck their base and colony with WMDs of their own. They try to help survivors but need help. Shandar’s squadron is sent to assist Risor with the rescue. Indrajit returns home to find out that Rama and Atlantis are now regularly destroying each other’s cities and that his mother was killed in such a strike. He discusses what the Atlanteans were looking for on the ice pack.

S1E4: Risor leaves Vortia and returns to Atlantis to face an inquiry into his behavior. He ordered the retreat and Shigar enemies are trying to frame him as a coward and derelict in his duties. He is ordered home during further investigation. Lady Jana confronts him and openly declares her hatred for him. Tilor sees him off when an attack on Atlantis occurs. While unsuccessful it was close, this drives Tilor to seek safety for Lena. Lena and Tilor spend their last night together in Atlantis. Rogat’s company was sent to another area along the Tes Naldo or today, the Black Sea. He meets Yalana who he promptly falls for.

S1E5: Tilor and Lena arrive at the north African coast village of Dumon tu Mare. One of the other members of Tilor’s squadron has family here and Lena will stay with them. Tilor and Lena say their good byes and Tilor leaves. Shandar is home after seeing the horrors of the strike on Vortia, he talks to his father and then the colony’s Council of Elders. Back near Tes Naldo, Rogat beats off an attack by Tugar and their allies. Risor is home when word arrives that he is cleared of charges and that he can return to duty. Up north, a Rama vimana flying craft force heads over the ice cap, they use their brahmastra weapons of mass destruction to destroy the ice barriers holding the large bodies of water in the ice pack. It comes crashing out.

S1E6: The citizens of Alta are woken to an alarm to evacuate to the hills. Risor and his family flee and barely make safety ahead of the flood. Many citizens are washed away as the city is swallowed in the flood. In Atlanta Nado, a tsunami is reported heading for Rogat’s fort. They start to flee. Back in Alta, vailixi survey the flood as it empties in to the Gulf. They find few survivors. Rogat and some of his people make it to safety as the waters start rising against the hills. Demetri witnesses the destruction of the city of Delin, down the coast from Rogat’s fort, and the death of most of its people. They stay for hours after the waters recede and witness no rescue attempt. Demetri surmises that Atlantis is also affected and in dire straits.

S1E7: A news report and fly over of the swamped city of Atlantis and one or two small colonies starts the episode. Risor’s vailixi flies over the swollen river back to Sun’s Farewell bluff, where command tents were set up. Inside, the Council of Altai was getting a report from Tolen, the city’s head scientist or shilot, about the floods. Reports are flooding in about Atlantis and other colonies being hit. In Utanor, near Japan, Shandar hears of the destruction of Atlantis and the call for the colonies military to strike Rama. Shandar and the council agree not to send any forces because they are needed to help defend the colonies of Utanor and Moia. They prepare their defenses. Lena and the villagers see the waters rising and know of the fate of many colonies. She is worried about Tilor.

S1E8: Risor wakes up to a sprawling tent camp of refugees, he heads back to the command center on the bluff. There he finds out the order that Atlantis has given. There is a debate on response with the overall military commander trying to organize a force to go to Atlantis while the Council wishes the forces to stay there. Risor prepares to use his squadron against the land forces if that is necessary. Fordo, the military commander, confronts the Council and Risor to obey the summons from Atlantis at gunpoint. Risor has his squadron show up over head and Fordo’s men surrender. Risor is promoted as the overall commander.

S1E9: The council in Altai discuss leaving the Atlantean Empire. They discuss what to do with Fordo and the men that backed him. They decide the best thing to do is send Fordo on a peace mission to the local tribes to see how they are doing. Sending him and his men will get them out of the way and give him a chance to show he can be trusted. Meanwhile, Atlantis has sent a force to Moia, the other Asian colony to gather the colony’s forces to go with them. Word gets to Utanor and Shandar mobilizes a force to go save Moia and his beloved.

S1E10: Shandar has his squadron speeding to Moia to free them from Atlantis. His girlfriend commands the squadron stationed at Moia. Her squadron is detained in their barracks. She was able to escape and contact Shandar from the nearby temple. Shandar attacks the Atlantean vailixi and their men on the ground. Shandar leads a small force to free Jolna in the priests quarters. They succeed and then head to the central council chambers. There Jolna realizes the Atlanteans tortured her father and she kills the leader before Shandar can stop her.

End of Season 1


Wall of Destruction Background: On Heroes

Since I was building the background on my Worm Hole Earth universe, I thought it would be a good idea to do so for the When Atlantis Fell universe. This seemed to make even more sense when I thought that if I actually do get a movie script together, it would be useful for those making the movie. And its fun.

So first I start with Heroes. I hope you like it.

Heroes are blessed by the Gods with great strength and speed with usually one of these attributes being way beyond normal human abilities. Combined with the Gods usually providing the hero a special weapon and these people become champions of their people.

It is said, that Atlantis had heroes in their early days as Posideon took an active interest in his chosen. These heroes, like Articus clearing the mountains near Atlantis of the tribe of Pantagor giants, helped solidify the domain of Atlantis and ensure the Atlanteans continued success and growth as a nation.

As the Atlanteans grew in stature and strength, fewer heroes were born. Thousands of years later, the god Dionysus’ tutor Silenus visited the Atlantean king Ceros and in his drunken stupor, divulged how to channel Aether’s power, the Atlanteans became even stronger. Zeus was angered by the loss of this secret and wanted to destroy Atlantis to recover the secret. He feared the power of Aether would be turned against the Gods. Posideon, not wanting to see his chosen people destroyed, saved Atlantis by petitioning Zeus for mercy. He showed that the Atlanteans were peaceful and helpful to the other humans with this power.

Reluctantly Zeus allowed Atlantis to continue. This was not let go by the other pantheons. Vishnu and the other gods of the Raman people, didn’t give their followers the secret of Aether but blessed individuals as the heroes we know. While Atlantis had strength of arms with their Aether weapons, the heroes provided balance with their God given abilities and weapons. The balance was maintained.

Millenia later, Atlantis turned from a friend of other peoples to the conqueror they are at the time of the events in the Wall of Destruction. As they grew in numbers, they stopped believing in the Gods and thus the Gods weakend in power. There were enough followers in the Atlantean Empire that the Gods did not destroy them but visited many vile creatures upon the Atlanteans and turned others against them.

During the final war, the Raman Gods had given their people the secret of Aether to balance against an Atlantean Empire gone wild. Other pantheons refused to let their people have the power of Aether but provided more heroes to help their people. The Greeks, fellow followers of Posideon, Zeus and their pantheon, were turned against the Atlanteans and joined the followers of Rama. The Ramans gave the Greeks weapons of Aether but not the knowledge to build such weapons. They did this with the Hu and Dolrinas as well. Any way to hurt the Atlantean people.

During the decades long war, many heroes stood the line against the overwhelming power of Atlantis. Their courage and honor gave strength to those around them. Those that had to fight against armored warriors using beam weapons and deadly flying craft, with only sword, bow and spear, felt the Gods were on their side.

Each hero, when revealed, would gain a following called their companions. Sometimes the Gods would gift the companions God-smithed weapons as well. Swords strong enough to slice through the armor of the Atlantean troopers, arrows that would explode or fly many times farther than a normal arrow or shields or armor that would turn Aether beams from the wearer.

One such example was during the Siege of Vantul by the Hu. A Hu hero, Tadanakoro rode a giant eagle provided by Tamdrul, the Hu God of Air. His daring night flight and dive towards the town square behind the main gate broke the back of the Atlantean ally, Megor. It was said that Tadanakoro jumped off his eagle, Zaidon, and slew a hundred Megor warriors before they really knew what happened. Tadanakoro was gifted with incredible speed and the ability of foresight.

The legends say he saw the reactions of the Megor warriors before they even started and could plan his movement between them. Killing some before they even started their move towards him. He gained the gatehouse and opened the city gate to allow his fellow Hu warriors to flood the city. No more than a handful of Vantul citizens survived the massacre. Most of those getting out via other gates before the Hu had effectively closed the gaps in their lines.

So feared were these heroes and their companions, sometimes the mere mention that a hero was around would cause the Atlantean forces to falter in their advance. The fear was so much, that when found, the highest priority was to kill the hero and his/her companions with all resources available.

This even led to Atlantean killing Atlantean to destroy the hero. During the sea battle of Rosa Mare, near the Italian peninsula. A Greek fleet was set on by a combined naval and vailixi force. The Greeks assisted by a few Raman vimana were trying to strike the Atlantean base on what is now the Island of Sardinia. With the fleets engaged it was then learned that the hero, Valiant, was in the Greek fleet.

Using a catapult system, he was flung from a Greek ship onto one of the Atlantean ships. There he slew most of the warrior topside and destroyed the rudder. Then cutting the sail from the mast, he swung to another ship. Also killing those topside, setting the ship aflames and destroying the rudder.

Eventually the vailixi started strafing the ships where they thought he was located. The Atlantean naval force was so distraught over this action, they turned and fled. Before they were clear of the menace, the Atlantean vailixi and naval forces were firing on each other. The fleet fought to defend itself against the crazed attack by the WaveRider squadron. The WaveRiders were known to be a fanatical lot but fighting their navy, the vimana and Valiant proved too much.

As they were leaving the area, Valiant leapt onto a vimana and then onto the WaveRider commander’s vailixi. Using his sword, Elektra, he cut into the vailixi and killed the crew and took the head of the commander. Before the vailixi crashed, he jumped back to a nearby vimana and, in a final insult, he threw the head onto the deck of one of the retreating Atlantean ships.

Such are the deeds of heroes.