Saviors: A new Sci-Fi Universe

I have started another universe based on an idea I have had about an alien race coming to Earth and “uplifting” us to a space faring race.  Some would say why would anyone ever do something like that.  Most people are not that kind. Ah, but what if its not really out of kindness but because they have a need?

This novel will start with the aliens telling us why they are giving us a hand up. Let me know what you think?


They came as civilizers, they said. Ya, civilization always screws the natives. In this case, we, humanity, are the natives. The Valodars came 10 years ago to much fanfare. Acting all high and mighty, they first tried to change us by appealing to our nobler side. Well, we never really were good at listening. So they then forced our primitive cultures to stop warring and fall under a one world government.

That showed us their true nature. They can kick ass with the best of em. They did a good job of destroying most of our military forces in a quick and violent set of strikes. Before we even knew what hit us, we were trashed and at their mercy. They then brought down their armored troops and made us see the errors of our ways.

Ya, civilized. The more civilized one gets the more violent the destruction they reap.

But then the Valodars or squidlies as we started to call them, shocked the shit out of us. Once they forced us into a one world government of their choosing, they started to teach us their technology. In the 6 years since our “education” began, we have been given warp capabilities, alright they call it phased translocation. But it still seems like Star Trek.

They helped us build star ships that could move around the solar system in hours. They gave us powerful propulsion systems, artificial gravity, nano technology, many wonderful technologies. They showed us how we can control these systems with our minds.

We have sent explorer ships to the neighboring stars and have found planets that could support life. We were planning on colonies light years away. Building space stations and habitats on the other planets in our system, Sol.

These were heady times. Man had found a true friend that freed us from our terrestrial bonds.

Or so we thought.


Worm Hole Earth: Medicine

I was watching one of the “The Great Debates: Origins of the Future” hosted by Lawrence Krauss at the Arizona State University.  Craig Venter was talking about DNA sequencing and it struck me, I need to say something like that for my Universe.

So here is the first draft of it.  I think I can already think up a few story lines about how this works or gets rewired to harm. Hmmmm

In the future, each person’s MindNet connection also has connectivity to a medical facility. A person has a small patch on their arm, leg and back, where a special type of nanite is hosted. They remain inactive,on the patch, until a medicine patch is applied. Via a MindNet connection, they activate, attach to the newly placed patch that has the medicine and remove the medicine. These nanites have been instructed where the medicine is to be delivered and will go there with molecules of the medicine. These patches also can contain other biologic nanites to re-enforce those already in the human’s system.

Other nanites are instructed to assist these medicinal carriers as needed. The nanites will continue traveling between the patch and the target area until the patch is clean of medicine. The MindNet will tell the human when the patch is clean. They can remove and place back in the Medicinal Unit’s receptacle. Nanites in the Medicinal Unit will sanitize the patch for it’s next use.

In each home, vehicle, store, etc.. are Medicinal Units. These are units that house active biologic building blocks (bio soup) and nanites. They build medicines or additional bionanites that humans can apply instead of going to a hospital or before they can get to one, in case of emergencies.

If a person is ill, they would contact a medical facility and give access to their MindNet’s medical sub-unit. The person’s bio-info is reviewed as well as a medical playback of the last 12 hours of body interactions with their environment (eating, exertions, smells, sounds, etc..). The body’s nanites also log their interactions. If they detect foreign substances, they will commence a fight and log the interactions as well as call for assistance from other nanites. If they are getting overwhelmed by the trespasser, they will advise the human via the MindNet. Basic remedies can be ordered from the location’s Medicinal Unit or contact with the medical facility will be made.

The MindNet connection will tell the medical facility technician or doctor where the closest Medicinal Unit is for the person to go to. The technician will code the solution into that Medicinal Unit so the person can pick up a patch as soon as possible, when they get to the Medicinal Unit.

When a person is wounded with a loss of limb, they would go to a medical facility. At the facility, their patch locations would be connected to a special unit that sends medicine or nanites to the body on a near constant basis. These medicines and nanites help stimulate the body to regrow tissue to replace the body part lost.

This is how humanity can live to almost 200 years. Each person is advised to schedule a medical check up every 10 years, starting at their 30th birthday. They get a thorough review and then are scheduled for a therapy day at a medical facility. There they agree to what therapies they wish to partake in. They can make themselves a little younger, change eye color, facial features, re-energize their muscles, tissues, organs, etc.. Then they go into a sleep tank for anywhere from 1 day to 1 month to become revitalized.

Having the therapy at every 10 year anniversary is the best way to keep the time off to a minimum and the costs down. Those that can not or choose not to visit regularly, will have more substantial length visits when they do go.

There are those that refuse this and decide to only accept therapy for medical issues. It is up to the individual to decide. The Imperial government even has grant programs for those that need a lot of work and do not have the money to afford it. A happy population is a non-rioting population.

Worm Hole Earth Background – Nanites

Okay so still working on the background for my Sci-Fi universe. I actually enjoy doing this but figure I need to stop soon and start putting a story together for all this background jazz I have put together.

So, here is what I was thinking of with nanites. Nanites being those little microscopic buggers that Sci-Fi likes to talk about. Usually in movies they look like a goo or a swarm of gnats or things just start falling apart where they are supposed to be.

Anyway here is what I am thinking:

Nanites: Man has learned to create and use biological and mineral based nanites. The biological ones are put into people and animals to help protect them against disease, injury, radiation, etc.. Humans get their initial load of nanites when they enter high school, this is also the time they get their MindNet, a biological computer grown in a person’s brain. People can check and provide a few commands to the nanites via the MindNet connection.

Additional nanites are provided to people depending on their jobs. Otherwise they get replaced during the regularly scheduled refit. They can last anywhere from 6 to 10 years but are replaced more regularly because while they might last, some are destroyed and others wear down depending on usage.

Animals get nanites if they are pets or foodstock. The foodstock nanites help the animals maintain their health but also helps to sculpt the animal for best meat cuts.

Nanites are also used for buildings or structures. Each building has an army of nanites to check the structural integrity of buildings, ships, stations, armor etc… They repair the structures, make additions or tear down structure.

Man does not perform construction anymore. All new buildings or things are built with nanites and “building blocks”. You can go to the store and buy buckets of nanites that form a solid substance in the bucket until an activation code is purchased. The bucket is a hi tech container that has an activation keypad. The user keys in the activation code and then links their MindNet to the bucket. The nanites remain in solid form until the user determines the building requirement.

Using their MindNet, the user goes to the nanite vendor site to create the project. The site helps the user form the targeted design and then provides the technical foundation for the project. Once determined, the user inputs the number of buckets of nanites they have and the site tells the user how many “building blocks” are needed.

“Building blocks” are base material blocks that the nanites will tear apart to reform into the desired product. The design program will tell the user where to position buckets and building blocks and then provide the code that the user will input into each bucket. Each bucket gets its own code and once inputted the bucket will contact the design program to determine what they are to build.  After all buckets are activated the user sits back and watches the product be built.

For space based structures, a frame is built by robots, then moved into position. Small bubble objects are then attached to the structure. Inside is the nanite controller and building blocks. They then proceed to build.  The robots then  bring more building blocks as needed.

To build the underground cities, robots will drill down into the ground and pump up the heated Sodor (rock slag that is near a lava texture) to start forming the surface mega structure of the city. Special Nanites take the heated Sodor and start forming the structure. Basically the difference beween Sodor and lava is the nanites create a lattice which provides for a massively strong material. These nanites also work underground smoothing the external structures and cooling the Sodor once it is in position.

So what do you think?


First Contact – A short story from Worm Hole Earth

So I have been enjoying the creation of my Sci-Fi universe, Worm Hole Earth. Still working on the “Bible” of the universe but started thinking of a short story and decided to put it together. It’s a little long to cut/paste into a post so here it is in PDF.  I might put together a bunch of these into an anthology about the universe.

Short – First Contact