Competition Time!

There are those that say, keep your projects (books, scripts, etc…) secret because you might fail. Then there are those that say announcing it will help push you to complete it because of the fear of failure.  I like the second way.

A writing competition is being sponsored by Launch Pad by the Tracking Board that is bringing together book and movie houses to review entries. Luckily, you do not need a complete novel to enter. Even more luckily for me, I have a pretty complete novel to enter.

So, I need to come up with a name for the trilogy, select 50 pages of text, from the novel, as the entry submission and put together a one page summary, novel and possibly trilogy. All before the 30th of June. Will find out if I was lucky by mid September.

So if you ever wanted to write a book or have one in the works or completed, check out the link. Wish me luck!


Empire Earth: A New Universe to play with

Premise:  Earth unites around a one world government the hard way – war. In 2033, the earth is united under the banner of the Earth Federation. The earth becomes a Type 1 civilization that can harness their planet and can reach interplanetary space.

This now identifies the inhabitants of Sol’s 3rd planet to have breached the barrier to InterStellar relations. The protocol that the Zshu set up millions of years ago means that advanced civilizations can interact. In all the ways that that little word can mean. The Zshu, the ancient ones that ascended to another evolutionary level but impose their rule on this one, declared that there are certain levels of interaction that can occur between civilizations, at different stages of advancement.

The Mjor are an old race that preys on new Type 1 civilizations. There are many races in the Milky Way like the Mjor but they are one of the original bad guys. The Mjor have learned to prosper within the guidelines that the Zshu have set. One of the Zshu’s rules is that particular type civilizations can not destroy or control lower types. The Mjor can not destroy or conquer the human species because of it’s primitive state. The law does allow Humanity to seek protection by the Mjor and then the Mjor can do as they wish, as long as they do not destroy Humanity.

So with that premise, I have already started a timeline.  Not much yet and I have my When Atlantis Fell and Worm Hole Earth universes to work on as well.  I plan on doing a series on the Mjor-Humanity interactions but also many sub-plots or short stories.

With that, here is the beginning of the timeline:

Year Event
2015 Global war starts with NATO invading Russia over a flare up in Ukraine. Initially driving deep into Russia, the allies are beaten back by long supply lines and millions of chinese soldiers who join Russia. India also joins this alliance as NATO stirs up animosity with heavy handed miscues against India. A Chinese general helps the Eastern Alliance to stem the actions of NATO.
2016 The Eastern Alliance relies on large quantities of low tech systems to combat the NATO’s technological advantage. The Eastern Alliance invades and takes most of South East Asia and Australia. South Korea and Japan join the Eastern Alliance after US forces in those countries are eventually defeated and the US seems to go into a defensive mode in the Pacific.. In Europe, the Eastern Alliance moves the battle lines back towards the Russian border with overwhelming numbers.
2017 The Eastern Alliance and NATO open up fronts in Africa. While not completely safe, the Indian Ocean becomes an Eastern Alliance controlled ocean, facilitating the delivery of war supplies and troops to Africa while bringing back Africa’s resources to the industrial base of the Eastern Alliance. The NATO alliance also start to invade South American countries in a preventive measure. With most of their force fighting in Europe and Africa, the South American nations band together into the Federated States of America (FSA). The FSA is supported by the Eastern Alliance and the NATO Alliance is stopped at the Panama Canal with large guerilla forces operating throughout Central America.
2018 Eastern Alliance Generals Kurchatov and Li Shou prove unbeatable for the NATO Alliance. The problem is they can not be everywhere. Kurchatov defends the Russian front while Li Shou fights in southern Africa. NATO pushes into the Sinai with a combined invasion and strike along the Mediterranean coast. The US also breaks through the Panama Canal and enters Venezuela . On the Russian front, the NATO Alliance pushes back towards Volgograd in a move reminiscent of WWII. The massive forces push into the city of Volgograd to be met by stiff resistance in street fighting. After 2 month of beating back the Eastern Alliance forces to take the city, the ultimate trap is unleashed. The Eastern Alliance had planted massive bombs in the city and still have large quantities of artillery in range. In little over a week, massive missile and artillery barrages with the underground bombs destroy a large NATO force. At the same time a costly offensive is started all along the Russian front by the Eastern Alliance. Simliar offensives are started in South Africa and South America. At the end of the year the NATO Alliance is pushed back towards the borders they had at the beginning of the year.
2019 The Eastern Alliance learns to manipulate gravity into a shield. This technology projects a field of gravity so strong around a device that incoming missiles, shells and lasers are stopped before reaching the target. It literally crushes objects and bends laser light. The Eastern Alliance puts gravity projectors around the surviving cities and industrial bases. Due to the massive amounts of power required, This technology could not be used for military forces. NATO could not penetrate the shields. The Eastern Alliance starts to concentrate industrial might around cities that have these shields.
2020 NATO forces start deploying hand held rail gun technology that starts to cause problems for the Eastern Alliance and FSA. In a desperate attempt to counter this technology, the Eastern Alliance builds an orbital space ship. NATO tries to stop the launch of the ship with nuclear weapons but is thwarted by the gravity shields. Once the ship obtains orbit, it destroys all NATO satellite systems it finds with its rail guns. Using its gravity shield, the EAS Victory defeats the NATO Alliance’s space station, utterly destroying it. Utilizing kinetic rounds, the EAS Victory pounds capitals of many NATO member states. Peace is offered with heavy penalties to the NATO Alliance. NATO accepts.
2021 The Moscow Peace Treaty signed by all parties. NATO must leave Africa and return Central America to the FSA. They also had to give up much technology they developed. This total sell out was deemed better than destruction by kinetics.
2023 General Li Shou trades in his uniform and becomes the President of the Eastern Alliance. This becomes a federated state of all member states have limited powers. The FSA formerly joins the Eastern Alliance which is renamed the Earth Federation. The Earth Federation embarks on a massive program to build cities underground, build a larger space presence and re arm their military with laser and rail gun technology. Li Shou pushes for a new language to developed based on English so all members of the Earth Federation can talk to each other. The one common language for most of the Federation is English. The NATO alliance is limited in their improvements due to the constraints put on them by the peace treaty.
2029 The Earth Federation establishes two space stations in high earth orbit. Using their gravity based technology, they not only build shields but also provide their stations and ships with artificial gravity. There are 10 war ships and the new mining ships that search the asteroid belt for valuable objects.
2032 War erupts between the US and Europe. The NATO alliance is broken. The war starts over the Earth Federations offer to invite NATO to be part of the Federation. The US refuses the offer but many European nations want to join the Federation. In the years since WWW3, the NATO alliance has steady diminished cut off from the rest of the worlds resources and not allowed to leave the planet. The stronger nations used the weaker ones for their raw resources. Many nations of central and southern Europe did not like the situation and jumped at the chance of joining the Federation which has improved the living standards of many. President Li Shou had proven a leader of great vision. Bettering his people, making them learn the new Common tongue but allowing them to keep their mother tongues and rebuilding a professional military.
2033 The Earth Federation joins the war against the US, France, Germany, UK and Poland alliance. Before major Earth Federation ground forces engage the enemy, the Federation Fleet uses kinetics to destroy most of the war and industrial capacity of the Alliance. The war ends with the entire world part of the Earth Federation.
2034 The Federation’s Tranquility Moon Base becomes operational.
2035 A UFO enters the Sol system and stops around Jupiter. The Federation Navy tracks the device and sees that it is a ship of some sort. The Federation commissions another 10 ships and arms the stations. A crash project is made to get the former NATO Alliance populations in underground cities along with all those that had yet to be relocated.
2036 A probe is set towards the space ship is destroyed as it gets within 1 million kms of the ship. Later in the year 10 more ships come in the the system and meet up with the original.

Worm Hole Earth: Medicine

I was watching one of the “The Great Debates: Origins of the Future” hosted by Lawrence Krauss at the Arizona State University.  Craig Venter was talking about DNA sequencing and it struck me, I need to say something like that for my Universe.

So here is the first draft of it.  I think I can already think up a few story lines about how this works or gets rewired to harm. Hmmmm

In the future, each person’s MindNet connection also has connectivity to a medical facility. A person has a small patch on their arm, leg and back, where a special type of nanite is hosted. They remain inactive,on the patch, until a medicine patch is applied. Via a MindNet connection, they activate, attach to the newly placed patch that has the medicine and remove the medicine. These nanites have been instructed where the medicine is to be delivered and will go there with molecules of the medicine. These patches also can contain other biologic nanites to re-enforce those already in the human’s system.

Other nanites are instructed to assist these medicinal carriers as needed. The nanites will continue traveling between the patch and the target area until the patch is clean of medicine. The MindNet will tell the human when the patch is clean. They can remove and place back in the Medicinal Unit’s receptacle. Nanites in the Medicinal Unit will sanitize the patch for it’s next use.

In each home, vehicle, store, etc.. are Medicinal Units. These are units that house active biologic building blocks (bio soup) and nanites. They build medicines or additional bionanites that humans can apply instead of going to a hospital or before they can get to one, in case of emergencies.

If a person is ill, they would contact a medical facility and give access to their MindNet’s medical sub-unit. The person’s bio-info is reviewed as well as a medical playback of the last 12 hours of body interactions with their environment (eating, exertions, smells, sounds, etc..). The body’s nanites also log their interactions. If they detect foreign substances, they will commence a fight and log the interactions as well as call for assistance from other nanites. If they are getting overwhelmed by the trespasser, they will advise the human via the MindNet. Basic remedies can be ordered from the location’s Medicinal Unit or contact with the medical facility will be made.

The MindNet connection will tell the medical facility technician or doctor where the closest Medicinal Unit is for the person to go to. The technician will code the solution into that Medicinal Unit so the person can pick up a patch as soon as possible, when they get to the Medicinal Unit.

When a person is wounded with a loss of limb, they would go to a medical facility. At the facility, their patch locations would be connected to a special unit that sends medicine or nanites to the body on a near constant basis. These medicines and nanites help stimulate the body to regrow tissue to replace the body part lost.

This is how humanity can live to almost 200 years. Each person is advised to schedule a medical check up every 10 years, starting at their 30th birthday. They get a thorough review and then are scheduled for a therapy day at a medical facility. There they agree to what therapies they wish to partake in. They can make themselves a little younger, change eye color, facial features, re-energize their muscles, tissues, organs, etc.. Then they go into a sleep tank for anywhere from 1 day to 1 month to become revitalized.

Having the therapy at every 10 year anniversary is the best way to keep the time off to a minimum and the costs down. Those that can not or choose not to visit regularly, will have more substantial length visits when they do go.

There are those that refuse this and decide to only accept therapy for medical issues. It is up to the individual to decide. The Imperial government even has grant programs for those that need a lot of work and do not have the money to afford it. A happy population is a non-rioting population.

Wall of Destruction Background: On Matters Military


Here is part of a piece I am doing on the military of Atlantis.  Figure I have a lot more to go through but its a start.

On Matters Military

Atlantis was the greatest power of their time. A true global power that was only really challenged by Rama. Atlantis knew they were blessed by the Gods and were destined to rule the world. Initially, they had small armies, as they were friends with many and stayed to the waters edge. Rarely, did they venture beyond the shores, as they were children of the sea. Their main power was rooted in naval abilities, their ships could go anywhere.

For thousands of years the Atlantean kingdoms ruled the waves and befriended all that asked. Occasionally, they would have to help a friend in danger from some horde or barbarian group that came from further in-land. While their sailors were usually better armed than any of these more primitive peoples, the Atlanteans knew that the basic arms used by sailors would not always be enough.

This point was further brought home at the Battle of Kengo Pass in the year 7191. Admiral Sentar of the 4th fleet was tasked with helping the Fanlu against a large horde of Atlanta Questo barbarians. The admiral had spent most of the last two years helping the Fanlu to build a protective wall, 10 feet high around their main town, Monusha and its farming environs. There was a pass above Monusha called Kengo Pass and it blocked the horde from getting to the peaceful Fanlu. Admiral Sentar sent the Atlantean hero, Armitor and his band plus two hundred sailors to help the two hundred hunters of the Fanlu, guarding the pass.

The horde’s king, Pa Ming, had three thousand warriors under his command. This amounted to most of the strength of the tribes of Go Nah. They had raided around the inner regions of Atlanta Questo for the last 12 years and had grown haughty and proud in their conquests. The victories of Pa Ming had swelled his numbers with most of the Go Nah willing to take a subservient role to Pa Ming’s clan in the hopes of plunder and slaves. The Atlanteans were beseeched, by many of the interior peoples, to come and help but Atlantis never had the strength nor arms to go forth, far from the sea.

When the horde came to Kengo Pass, they found a hastily constructed wall built, at the top of the pass, that blocked almost the entire way. The wall was 20 feet high and Pa Ming could not see over it. What they did see, was the wall was not finished. There was a 30 foot stretch that had only a 2 to 3 foot high wall and the defenders were frantically trying to build it higher. Knowing they could overwhelm the defenders, if they can get into that breech, Pa Ming ordered his men forward.

Armitor was not only a very strong hero, wielding a 6 foot long sword that was Aether enabled, but was also a crafty warrior. He was been with Atlantis for going on 90 summers and commanded respect for his martial abilities as well as his sage knowledge. Armitor and his band of companions were the best armed of the defenders. The Fanlu hunters would be archers if they had more martial experience. They manned the walls to pelt the barbarians with arrows. The sailors were behind the companion line. This was the disposition of the brave defenders.

In those days, the use of the horse was limited to Atlantis and a few more technologically advanced allies of Atlantis. The peoples of Atlantis Questo were not among those to have tamed horses. As such, the barbarians had only war dogs. Large beasts that would run with their masters. A large number of the Go Nah used war dogs to hunt and fight. As the barbarians came to the breach and surrounding walls, they unleashed their dogs.

As the dogs came on, they sped faster towards Armitor and his companions who were right behind the wall. Before the dogs were at the point, where they could leap onto Armitor, they encountered the first surprise that Armitor had laid. Almost all the dogs feel into a pit with spikes. Most were killed outright by landing on spikes while others were trapped and could not get jump the distance needed to get out. Their men came on and stopped in time to avoid falling in but since the majority of the attack was also going towards the breach, those behind them pushed them into the spiked pit.

The massacre was horrible, as man and animal were screaming in pain, as more fell into the pit. As the pit filled with the unlucky, those that followed were able to run across the bodies of their brethren and reach Armitor. Hero and companions put up a valiant fight but they were only 60 against thousands. Slowly, they had to give ground and the sailors became engaged with the barbarians as well.

Unlike their hero and his companions, the sailors armor and weapons were not sufficient to stem the tide of barbarians. Some were also coming over the walls and while the Fanlu hunters acquitted themselves with honor, they were no match for the warriors from the steppes. Slowly the barbarians made more of a bubble at the breach and were slowly gaining the wall as well.

Then Armitor, who almost stood alone at the breach, yelled the signal that all were waiting for. Immediately the breech started to close. Sailors not part of the fighting started to move a large wooden barrier across the breach. Armitor, his companions and the sailors engaged in a fight fell back a little more to let in more barbarians. On their side was now about 200 barbarians. Before they knew it, the barrier had sealed the breach. And those 200 were trapped against a Hero, his companions and almost 140 sailors, wanting revenge.

The barrier was run along the wall on a track. The short wall hid the runner that allowed the barrier to be run smoothly into place. It was two feet down in the ground and wheeled, so it moved easily in or out but was deep enough that it could not be untracked by the barbarians, once they realized what was going on. Those on the inside were slaughtered to a man. Then the walls were retaken.

The barbarian horde fell back with Pa Ming completely at a loss as to how they were beaten back. The barrier opened with Armitor and his companions once again at the breach. This time there were a pile of the Go Nah dead stacked behind the companions, daring the living to come again.

The barbarians, being barbarians, fell in amongst themselves, blaming Pa Ming and others for the disaster visited on them. The fight grew from words and shoves to a pitched battle amongst the tribes. The leaders of the defenders wanted to sally forth and strike the distracted Go Nah but Armitor was smart enough to know they would be destroyed if the Go Nah suddenly united and attacked the defenders now without a defense to help them. The other leaders listened to his advice and stayed in their positions watching the barbarians kill one another. It was said that they had no choice, because Armitor would not sally forth and his companions stood with him.

Pa Ming was killed and his horde fell apart. The barbarians left the Kengo Pass defeated in detail. Long they would not come again to bother the Fanlu or even the other peoples of the interior. The Fanlu built the wall higher but left the breach as it was with an upgraded metal barrier as a sign of the danger of attacking Fanlu.

Atlantis lost 80 of their sailors and 15 of the companions. Upon return to Atlantis, Armitor and Admiral Sentar were received as heroes. But the lesson was learned. They needed to have a land force of superior strength to combat situations like Kengo Pass.

The Atlanteans started to build a force of 1000 soldiers. This was the first professional army in the world and they drilled constantly. The forges of Atlantis were powered by Aether and they built weapons of great strength and sharpness. Armor and shields, they made to protect their soldiers and make it much harder to harm them. They built their force into 6 groups of 100 men who fought together in a loose man on man formation. In the beginning, these men would fight near each other but not in a tight formation. They supported each other but the idea of a phalanx or other tight formation was not yet had.

Also learning from the effectiveness of the Fanlu archers, they built 6 units of archers to accompany each of the companies of swordsmen. As with the swordsmen, they were outfitted in armor and had strong bows. These men and women worked hard to perfect their shot and became expert marksmen. Their best was a woman named, Shana and it was said she could split an incoming arrow and get off a second shot at the opposing archer before the opponent could draw his bow back. Some said she was a daughter of Athena and that is how she became so good at her art.

The last remaining 100 were the support. Blacksmiths, healers, cooks, priests and others. While they were not as trained as the regular units, they also learned to fight, to ensure their survival, if attacked.

Atlantis kept their force at this level for over 3000 years. It was considered an honor to be part of this force. In time, they grew this force, as others learned of their skill and tried to emulate them. Never could they equal them in skill, weapons or armor but numbers could defeat even the greatest of warriors.

Wall of Destruction Background: On the Learning of Aether

Here is another background story for Wall of Destruction. This one is about the learning of Aether which powers their devices. A future post will talk about how it works but here I try to tell the story of its finding.

Silenus, the teacher of Dionysus, gave Man the secret of how to gather Aether. He loved to drink with the humans and enjoyed their antics when drunk. On one such visit to King Ceros’ court, the survivors of a mauled party were brought before Ceros. They told the tale of how a maruading band of Harpies tore apart a merchant train from a nearby neighbor. How these survivors were from a company of soldiers that happened upon the Harpies feasting on the corpses.

The surviving soldiers told the assemblage how their arrows bounced off the Harpies scales and only their spear points or swords had a chance. Reluctantly, these were only effective when the Harpies closed with the soldier, where their razor sharp claws and teeth were usually too much for the unlucky soldier.

Of the company of 80 soldiers, only seven survived and only two Harpies were killed. The young warrior, Aelthus lamented “We can not fight these creatures, the Gods protect them.”

Silenus stood up in his slightly drunken way, “Ney, brave warrior, the Gods created these creatures but do not protect them. They are sport for the hunts.”

“Sport or not, they are too much for us and Neptune hears us not, in our begging for assistance.” Ceros responded, throwing his chalice to the floor. Only the sound of the flames from the fire and the torch mounts was heard as all were afraid of what would happen next.

Finally Silenus, started laughing uproariously. He was bent over, pounding the table, laughing so hard. Most thought he was crazy or in a weird drunken mood, as was his want.

But Ceros was no longer in the mood for merry making. Not with a few wounded soldiers and tales of many more mauled. “Silenus, your mood does dishonor to my soldiers, I think you should retire for the night.”

All were quiet, knowing that Silenus was of the Gods and to tell a God to leave was unheard of. Finally Silenus calmed down. “King, I mean no insult, I just thought of what I will do and how funny it would be to do so.” As he started giggling again.

Ceros was losing patience but also mindful of who he was talking to. The crowd was stone silent as not sure if movement was wise, in this situation. “What do you mean what you will do Silenus?”

“Why, I will give you the knowledge to build Aether weapons. That will even the odds. I daresay that will allow you to hunt these foul beasts and chase them out of your lands.” Silenus chortled, as he started to laugh harder and harder, reaching for a glass of wine and nearly choking on it.

The import of what he just said was not lost on the King or many in the crowd. The Atlanteans knew of Aether and how it powered the weapons of the Gods and Heroes, but did not know how to harnest it to their will. Here, they were in the presence of a drunken Godling, that said he would tell them the secret.

Ceros, always keenly attuned to the situation, started to laugh as well. “Silenus, that is great news and the sign of a dear friend. Come tell us what we need to do so we can make use of this source.”

Silenus said, “Fetch your priests, since prayer is required. Oh and bring forth your virtuous men and maidens.”

“Why my lord?” asked the servant pouring Silenus more wine. He eyed her critically then grabbed her and sat her on his lap.

“Because my dear” looking at the King, “Power corrupts and this is the power of the Gods.” Turning back to the crowd “Good mortals you might be, above those poor fouls that know nothing of wine, but you are not strong enough to resist the power of Aether.” He said as he finished his cup, then took the pitcher from the servant.

Ceros looked at Silenus, looking for the key to the warning he just gave. “Dear Silenus, what do you intend with the virtuous people we summon.” At this time, some priests entered the hall.

Silenus, removed the servant from his lap, then stood and stretched. “My friend, King Ceros, I do this to help you but also to save you. For once I give you the secrets of Aether, the Gods will be angered. What they do, I am not sure. I might be cosigning you and yours to death.”

Prince Tolenar stood up near the dias and asked, “Good Silenus, then why give us something that might have us punished with death?”

Silenus looked at the prince, with a huge grin. “Didn’t I tell you? I will not give you the secret. You must figure out how to get it. Now you know the possible cost, you risk with full knowledge that this could kill you.” Looking back at the King, “My King, shall I continue?”

Ceros, looked over the assembled people, seeing family and friends and knowing that what he said next would change the course of his people. “We do this in the hopes of bettering our poeple. Silenus, please give us the secret.”

Silenus’s visage went from merry and drunk to sober and serious. “King Ceros of Atlantis and the 7 Isles, you ask to open the box of knowledge, knowing that to do so could cause a great doom to settle on your people. Is this correct?”

Ceros looked at Silenus and thought, “Was this a test of the Gods or a trap?” He desired the knowledge that could be theirs. Looking over the assembled nobles of Atlantis, he saw many waited eagerly for him to continue. Licking his lips, “Yes, we seek the knowledge of Aether.”

In an instant the serious and sober vistage was replaced with the drunken old fool look, “Great! And so shall it be. I really do wonder what will happen.” Pulling a flute from his rob, he piped a short diddy and then called out, “Pandora, be a dear and bring the Box of Knowledge.”

Everyone looked around, looking for this Pandora. No one saw anyone and wondered if Old Silenus was having a laugh at their expense. Suddenly the Hall filled with the smell of flowers and a ray of moon beam solidified through one of the windows. Down came the most beautiful young maiden any of them had ever seen.

She carried a small oynx box and walked to Silenus. Who, normally a borderline groper, was acting sober and somber again. “There you are young lady. Good.” Now he looked to the priests and virtuous men and women. “Into a circle of priests and one of the virtuous.” They were looking at the King for guidance. When Silenus bellowed, “Hurry now, the moon beam will go soon and so must Pandora.” At which point, Pandora smiled a sad smile.

The priests and people quickly formed circles, as the rest of the crowd moved around them. The King stayed on his dias, completely mesmerized by the events.

Silenus looked around and quickly settled on the Prince. “Prince, come here, to you shall be the honor or curse of opening the Box of Knowledge.” The prince came to Silenus and Pandora.

Looking between them and licking his lips, the prince touched the box. He looked up into Pandora’s eyes, then said, “Is this your box, Pandora?”

“No, I am but the bearer of this device, at Silenus’s request.”

He fiddled with the latch and was rewarded with a spring loaded needle pricking his finger. Crying out in alarm and pain, Prince Tolenar jumped back. Looking accusingly at Silenus, “You didn’t say it was armed.”

Looking innocently at the Prince and then the King, “You didn’t ask if it was armed, did you?” Then smiling, he opened the box the rest of the way for the Prince. “In Pandora’s box resides two smaller boxes. One for the priests and one for the virtuous. The knowledge of Aether shall forever remain separate and flow down through history as thus.”

Lifting one of the small boxes he walked to the circle of priests and entered the ring. “To the priests is given the knowledge of how to channel the power of Aether into containers. Also will be the knowledge of how to build Mother Stones that will direct the power.” He opened the box and a strong wind came forth and whipped around the priests. “This knowledge shall be taught to other priests who are worthy of the knowledge.” All the priests swooned in the winds and then fell asleep. “Distrub them not, they will awaken, in due course.”

Then Silenus came back to Pandora and took the second box out of the one Pandora held. “This is the secret of manipulating the power. While the priests can power devices, they can not use the devices that are not made to be operated by anyone.” He walked to the circle.

The Prince asked, “What do you mean they can not use devices not made for anyone?”

Silenus ignored the statement, looked around the group of men and women. “To you, is the gift of power. You can use the devices you create as long as they have power. Once they are out of power, the priests will have to recharge them. The priests can see the Aether and channel it into the devices but you can not see Aether except through the devices.”

And with that, he opened the box and a cloud billowed forth surrounding the virtuous. No one could see into the cloud but they heard a few cries of alarm and then the sound of people falling to the ground. “Come not, this is only for them. The cloud is poison for all others.”

This made the crowd quickly move back in fear of touching the cloud. When the cloud dissipated, Silenus was there amongst the fallen people. He walked back to Pandora and the Prince and placed the second box back into Pandora’s box.

“You may go child.” He said to Pandora, who curtsied and walked back to the moon beam. As she stepped onto the moon beam, she disappeared and the solid beam dematerialized. A thunder clap was then heard with massive lightning a few seconds later.

“Ah, Zeus is now aware.” Silenus said with wonder in his voice.

Ceros came off the throne and down to Silenus. “Dear Silenus, what does Zeus say?”

With closed eyes, Silenus held his head towards the windows. “He is truly angry, but Posideon is there with his brother. He is defending your actions and speaking of the conditions I made.”

The priests and virtuous started to wake, most with wonder in their eyes at the new knowledge they have been given. Most started to stand up but could not without assistance.

The thunder and lightning continued to increase, to the point where the thunder shook the Great Hall of the Sea King. People cried out in alarm but could not be heard by their neighbors as the thunder was constant at that point. Many fell to their knees and prayed for forgiveness or protection, depending on the God or Goddess they revered.

Even Ceros, Sea King, King of Atlantis and the 7 Isles, fell to his knees and begged Posideon to save them. In minutes only Silenus and Prince Tolenar were standing. Tolenar more in a stupor, stood and swayed to an unheard beat. Silenus, turned his smiling face to where Tolenar was. The thunder grew quiet, as a singers last lingering notes spill from her mouth.

“Now comes the last Doom of the evening.” Intoned Silenus, completely sober and very serious. He looked at Prince Tolenar. “You or more appropriately, your descendants, will cause the downfall of Atlantis.” Everyone was looking at the Prince.”

Worm Hole Earth: Background – Military History Part 2

A continuation of the military history of the Republic of Man, then the Solarian Empire.

In the 2240s, the Republic started to experiment with remote controlled ships. Controlled via the rings, so the idea of living quarters was no longer a consideration. The military also grasped this idea with a passion. The idea was to build massively dense ships that consisted mostly of an engine, sensors and weapons systems surrounded by a solid metal shell. No crew quarters and only a Ring room (normally in engineering with Jrings for artificial gravity) with passageways to the weapons and sensor locations. These passageways were deep within the armor of the craft, with only their weapons ports showing. While the sensors were near the surface of the craft, the weapons systems were deep in the shell, with massive turret type armor systems around them. This would slow the slewing of the weapon but would provide a massively protected weapon platform.

When the military started putting more ring weapons on these vessels, they built passageways out to the skin of the ship for maintenance of the rings. Then, someone came up with the idea of putting the rings in the turrets. A mechanism was built that would house many rings, that hosted different weapon systems. When a weapon was called for, the device would turn the correct ring towards the firing port. This meant the system could keep up a massive amount of firepower, over a long time. Since surface weapon rings were vulnerable to damage, it was decided to build many turrets, massive and smaller ones all over the ship.

For the larger battleships, 8 massive turrets were built and 16 smaller ones. The massive turrets had the weapons carousel, while the smaller ones would have just a single ring. Most of these smaller turrets would in the time of the Empire, connect to stations that would be able to connect many different types of weapons to the ring but would take more time in doing so. The massive turrets had rings that could be served by many different locations.

In the 25th Century, the ships would have hangar bays for remote controlled fighters and bombers. These systems would also have rings in them. Their weapons ports were ring weapons and their control was ring based. Due to their size, the rings were smaller and could not use the same ring weapons that the larger ships used. These fighters were extremely powerful since they could still pump out gigawatts of laser power or fire an almost unlimited number of missiles or projectiles. They were basically a large engine with enough fuel storage capacity to keep the engine running. The rest of the fuel was provided via ring fuel systems.

In the battleship’s hangar bays, there were a few ring ports and Jring gravity systems. When flight ops was called for, a flight crew was sent forth to care for any damaged fighters or to move them into position. While this could have been handled by robots or a complex mechanical system, it was thought that EMP would probably disable the system or the robots were not monitored enough. Man was still worried about AI taking over. Damaged craft that could not be fixed on the hangar deck were pushed through one of the Rings to a fighter depot back in Imperial space. When fighters were destroyed, new ones could be sent through to the hangar bay.

Since there was still the problem of passing rings through rings, additional rings were stored, in the hangar bays, in EMP-protected store rooms. The human crew was only present when flight ops were initiated. These were normally done well before ship to ship combat was initiated. The fighters would be sent out first to either attack before the ships or to try and flank the enemy. Some would be kept back, to help with the area defense, but most were released to attack.

Wall of Destruction Background: On Heroes

Since I was building the background on my Worm Hole Earth universe, I thought it would be a good idea to do so for the When Atlantis Fell universe. This seemed to make even more sense when I thought that if I actually do get a movie script together, it would be useful for those making the movie. And its fun.

So first I start with Heroes. I hope you like it.

Heroes are blessed by the Gods with great strength and speed with usually one of these attributes being way beyond normal human abilities. Combined with the Gods usually providing the hero a special weapon and these people become champions of their people.

It is said, that Atlantis had heroes in their early days as Posideon took an active interest in his chosen. These heroes, like Articus clearing the mountains near Atlantis of the tribe of Pantagor giants, helped solidify the domain of Atlantis and ensure the Atlanteans continued success and growth as a nation.

As the Atlanteans grew in stature and strength, fewer heroes were born. Thousands of years later, the god Dionysus’ tutor Silenus visited the Atlantean king Ceros and in his drunken stupor, divulged how to channel Aether’s power, the Atlanteans became even stronger. Zeus was angered by the loss of this secret and wanted to destroy Atlantis to recover the secret. He feared the power of Aether would be turned against the Gods. Posideon, not wanting to see his chosen people destroyed, saved Atlantis by petitioning Zeus for mercy. He showed that the Atlanteans were peaceful and helpful to the other humans with this power.

Reluctantly Zeus allowed Atlantis to continue. This was not let go by the other pantheons. Vishnu and the other gods of the Raman people, didn’t give their followers the secret of Aether but blessed individuals as the heroes we know. While Atlantis had strength of arms with their Aether weapons, the heroes provided balance with their God given abilities and weapons. The balance was maintained.

Millenia later, Atlantis turned from a friend of other peoples to the conqueror they are at the time of the events in the Wall of Destruction. As they grew in numbers, they stopped believing in the Gods and thus the Gods weakend in power. There were enough followers in the Atlantean Empire that the Gods did not destroy them but visited many vile creatures upon the Atlanteans and turned others against them.

During the final war, the Raman Gods had given their people the secret of Aether to balance against an Atlantean Empire gone wild. Other pantheons refused to let their people have the power of Aether but provided more heroes to help their people. The Greeks, fellow followers of Posideon, Zeus and their pantheon, were turned against the Atlanteans and joined the followers of Rama. The Ramans gave the Greeks weapons of Aether but not the knowledge to build such weapons. They did this with the Hu and Dolrinas as well. Any way to hurt the Atlantean people.

During the decades long war, many heroes stood the line against the overwhelming power of Atlantis. Their courage and honor gave strength to those around them. Those that had to fight against armored warriors using beam weapons and deadly flying craft, with only sword, bow and spear, felt the Gods were on their side.

Each hero, when revealed, would gain a following called their companions. Sometimes the Gods would gift the companions God-smithed weapons as well. Swords strong enough to slice through the armor of the Atlantean troopers, arrows that would explode or fly many times farther than a normal arrow or shields or armor that would turn Aether beams from the wearer.

One such example was during the Siege of Vantul by the Hu. A Hu hero, Tadanakoro rode a giant eagle provided by Tamdrul, the Hu God of Air. His daring night flight and dive towards the town square behind the main gate broke the back of the Atlantean ally, Megor. It was said that Tadanakoro jumped off his eagle, Zaidon, and slew a hundred Megor warriors before they really knew what happened. Tadanakoro was gifted with incredible speed and the ability of foresight.

The legends say he saw the reactions of the Megor warriors before they even started and could plan his movement between them. Killing some before they even started their move towards him. He gained the gatehouse and opened the city gate to allow his fellow Hu warriors to flood the city. No more than a handful of Vantul citizens survived the massacre. Most of those getting out via other gates before the Hu had effectively closed the gaps in their lines.

So feared were these heroes and their companions, sometimes the mere mention that a hero was around would cause the Atlantean forces to falter in their advance. The fear was so much, that when found, the highest priority was to kill the hero and his/her companions with all resources available.

This even led to Atlantean killing Atlantean to destroy the hero. During the sea battle of Rosa Mare, near the Italian peninsula. A Greek fleet was set on by a combined naval and vailixi force. The Greeks assisted by a few Raman vimana were trying to strike the Atlantean base on what is now the Island of Sardinia. With the fleets engaged it was then learned that the hero, Valiant, was in the Greek fleet.

Using a catapult system, he was flung from a Greek ship onto one of the Atlantean ships. There he slew most of the warrior topside and destroyed the rudder. Then cutting the sail from the mast, he swung to another ship. Also killing those topside, setting the ship aflames and destroying the rudder.

Eventually the vailixi started strafing the ships where they thought he was located. The Atlantean naval force was so distraught over this action, they turned and fled. Before they were clear of the menace, the Atlantean vailixi and naval forces were firing on each other. The fleet fought to defend itself against the crazed attack by the WaveRider squadron. The WaveRiders were known to be a fanatical lot but fighting their navy, the vimana and Valiant proved too much.

As they were leaving the area, Valiant leapt onto a vimana and then onto the WaveRider commander’s vailixi. Using his sword, Elektra, he cut into the vailixi and killed the crew and took the head of the commander. Before the vailixi crashed, he jumped back to a nearby vimana and, in a final insult, he threw the head onto the deck of one of the retreating Atlantean ships.

Such are the deeds of heroes.

Worm Hole Earth: Military Part 1

Here is a piece of the Military history that I having been working on.

In the late 22nd century, the Republic of Man had built their first space fleet. These consisted of large tubular vessels that used the Jrings to provide artificial gravity and shields. They used fusion reactors to move around and could not venture beyond mars without resupply. Quarters were fairly cramped and the lifestyle was not so jokingly compared to the days of wooden ships and iron men, during the 17-18th centuries.

Armed with rail guns and missiles, these early ships were designed to combat the last remaining holdout nations who were putting space stations into orbit with primitive shuttles that were armed with missiles. Of the most advance, the Republic of Texas and Florida and the Nordic Federation, they had built larger vessels that could make it out to the asteroid belt and set up a few mining colonies. These last holdouts traded and feared the Republic but could not do anything to counter their more advanced systems.

In the last days of the Republic of Texas and Florida, Prime Minister Tolbon of the Republic of Man offered the Republic of Texas and Florida a chance to surrender. A major engagment in the Gulf of Mexico had destroyed most of the small republics military forces on Earth. The small republic had armed up a few of their freighters and frigates and sent them out to raid the Republic of Man’s space stations. The Republic’s 1st and 2nd squadrons (5 ships each) went after these privateers while the 3rd squadron destroyed all space borne assets of the small republic.

The Battle of Vesta was the first space fleet engagement in human history with the Republic of Man’s 3rd squadron taking on the remnants of the privateers that the Republic of Texas and Florida had created. The battle took place two weeks after the surrender of the Republic on Earth because the space rebels would not surrender. With all of their bases destroyed by the Republic of Man’s 1st and 2nd squadrons and those two squadrons closing in on the 12 remaining vessels of the privateer force, the 3rd squadron surprised the enemy at Vesta.

The RMS Moscow, one of the newest of the fleet’s vessels, was armed with an experimental ring fed rail gun. The rail gun sat on Earth and was capable of firing 6 rounds a minute vice the current ship board system that could only fire 2 rounds a minute. The Republic’s plan was to let the RMS Moscow fire on the enemy from a greater distance than normal and see what happens. The other major point of the ring weapon is that it did not run out of ammo like a shipboard system would.

As the opposing forces closed the RMS Moscow started firing in a random fashion at the enemy just filling the space between them with kinetic rounds. After a short time, the rest of the 3rd squadron started to fire to add their rounds to the storm bearing down on the enemy. The privateer force tried to move out of the way of the incoming rounds but the rounds would not stop and kept tracking the enemy force. Eventually the privateers were getting hit or crashed into each other and then were hit. The entire privateer force was destroyed without getting a chance to return fire as they were out of alignment with the Republic’s force for their rail guns and missiles.

The first space based battle was also the first battle in which ring weapons were used. They immediately showed their value and thus began humanities use of its most important capability. Over the next 100 years would see the continued concentration of power into fighting vessels and the emergence of bigger and more powerful ring weapons.

Worm Hole Earth Background – Habitable Planet Structures

Today I will discuss some of the structures that are found on habitable planets in my Worm Hole Earth universe. These are structures of the Republic of Man, Solarian Empire and a brief discussion about those in the Union.

I hope you like it. Please comment.

After the war, the Republic of Man started to build cities underground. This was deemed necessary because of the radiation in the environment from the war and to protect it’s citizens and industry, since there were still other nations. Once the Republic was able to move most of their citizens underground the other nations either surrendered to the Republic or became even more xenophobic towards outsiders.

These cities were miles underground and were divided into large caverns over 10 miles wide and 200 feet high. They were created by the use of high powered lasers melting the rock and reforming it into a layered material they called Sodar. This Sodar was so strong it was used to line the caverns, build the internal structures and the large mega structures the Republic built on the surface.

While the caverns were large and open, the Republic knew they could not abandon the surface. The large mega structures were built to be recreational center. They stood up to 1 mile high with a 10 mile wide base that narrowed to half a mile at the top. With the use of Sodar, these structures became whimsical monuments to man’s ingenuity. Each city would try to outdo the last.

These structures were built with a further 2 mile wide belt around them that was enclosed in a 500 foot tall, 200 ft thick wall. Within the wall was parks, golf courses, lakes, pools, sports facilities and other amusements. Outside of the walls was left to nature to rebuild itself or in the future to grow unhindered by the hands of man.

The underground cities had many of these caverns. Each cavern was called a CENTER and many of these Centers were connected via central tubes. In the early days of the Republic, some Centers were used for Industry and Agriculture but as man learned the technologies necessary to live in space, these functions were moved to space infrastructure.

During the time of the Solarian Empire, massive space stations were used for food production while most industry was performed on non-inhabited planets/moons or stations. Habitable planets would never have industry or agriculture ever again. With the wormhole networks, food was grown throughout the known space and shipped to thousands of planets.

The Empire always built underground cities, believing in the protection it afforded its citizens and the desire to keep the surfaces of planets for recreation. Besides the open areas around the mega structures, man would occasionally build resort areas around specifically beautiful areas. Sometimes these areas of beauty were space based and resort space stations were made.

The Union eventually started to build cities under the skies of their planets. While the Empire developed nuSky, which were massive screens placed at the tops of the caverns and used to create a sky view. The cities on the surface had what mother nature gave as a view, nuSky cities could have whatever sky they wanted. Many times they would project what the surface above them looked like but other times they would provide other planet views or whimsical views. The creators of nuSky views became famous and highly sought after for their visions and skill in creating a realistic view.

One of the advantages of the Empire was that using Universal Standard Time, all underground cities throughout the Empire could be synced to the same time. If you wake up at 6am and travel to your office 1000 light years away, you still arrive around 9am for work. Cities on the surface do not have that advantage so some people in the Union would wake up in the middle of their night to get to work on another planet or system. Because of this annoying reality, around 2900 CE, the Union started to go back to a more planet and city type of lifestyle. Industry and agriculture were had in system or on the planet. Sometimes these would be done underground as well.

Regardless of which human polity, cities on planets were powered by geothermal systems. Man found that enclosed geothermal power systems were the best. Water loss was less than .001% per year and the power was clean. Vast geothermal sinks were dropped to near the crustal plate to where temperatures were over 800 degrees to heat the water.

There were two major Center plans. One plan would build concentric zoning rings. The outer wall of the caverns are housing units about 6 stories high, then a ring of schools and retail outlets. The next ring is entertainment and finally business centers near the central tube system. There would be small bus or tram lines every few degrees that would feed into hubs in the Entertainment Zone. In later years, these would have a ring that goes to the city’s Ring Hub. Additional lines would go between hubs in the Center’s Entertainment Zone or towards the central tube. A transportation component would be within a 20 minute walk from anywhere.

The second plan would zone the Center into a pie shape. Larger slices of the pie would be housing or business and smaller ones entertainment or retail. This design also tried to have the same type of transportation layout.

Even the Union’s surface settlements tried to stay true to the Center layouts since the same groups designed and built both. For one, it would allow citizens to move between locations and have a good idea of how the layout would be. The second main reason was the efficiency of the design. The hub and spoke design of the in Center transportation allowed for anybody to catch a bus, train, tram or ring in less than 20 minutes from almost anywhere in the urban area.

Other Center designs were built to handle special requirements. Some cities had dedicated Entertainment Centers (like amusement parks) or Special Resort Centers. While there were surface Entertainment and Resort locations, those were mostly dependent on mother nature. These underground Centers would be available year round as the environment was controlled. Large amusement parks were built, capable of being visited by anyone in the Federation. While some Resort Centers were built to replicate an ocean, natural or mythical land; others were massive zoos that had animals from around the galaxy. Instead of actually bringing the animals to these zoos, scientists and drones would follow these animals and then a 3D projection of the animal’s life and its environment was created for visitors. This immersion was better than that received from the MindNet because the sounds, smells and environment could be experienced.

While all heavy industry and most large business centers are off-world from a habitable planet, Many people telecommute to work with large numbers never leaving their Center or city. Depending on the the job, most can telecommute 2-3 times a week. Most of the business in a Center is related to servicing the home or telecommuter. Almost no one works in their homes, since with the MindNet, connectivity to the home is not really required. Home connections center around the Home Computer system.

This is not a computer like today but the House AI. Due to the restrictions on AI, these are stunted systems that are basically a system foundation with some basic behaviors. Additional behaviors are added to it as the person acquires services or systems. An example, when a person buys a new food preparation system they get a behavior model that is loaded into the House AI. This will tell the owner what can be done with the system. The House AI is connected to a central monitoring system that will check to make sure that the House AI has not be tampered with.

These house networks are connected to service providers and Center security networks. Long ago the war with hacker and AI made it necessary to separate networks that are gatewayed with human-AI hybrid systems watching the interactions. MindNet is used to interface with the House AI but in a limited scripted manner.