Worm Hole Earth – Telling Time


I am working on a possible novel but more than likely it will be a novelette. The year is 2573 and Doctor Jana Stoddert is having some bad dreams about aliens and the system that her last exploration mission was targeting. The remote controlled interstellar starship was destroyed soon after entering the system’s Oort Cloud. Her Guild didn’t blame her and her team but, still, something doesn’t seem right.

During this novelette, I introduce my idea for Universal Standard Time (UST) time. So what, you say? Ya, but its probably a unique idea. The thing is since in my universe, instantaneous worm hole travel is core, not space travel. If you can step through a worm hole on Earth and finish your step in Alpha Centauri, 4 light years away, you have to figure out the differences. Blue skies or Orangish skies or Blinding white skies. One sun or two stars.

In the year 2490, Emperor Rinar, the first Emperor, was approached by a team of economists from the Imperial Treasury about a plan to boost productivity.

“Your Highness, with a standard time zone coordinated between all of the Empire’s stars, productivity would increase and unrest amongst your subjects decrease.” Said Dr. Bika Martin.

She and her three companions had battled through the Imperial bureaucracy to get a chance to talk to the Emperor. Luckily, the Minister of Finance, Duke Nakamura, had championed their position and cleared the path for this meeting today.

“My esteemed economists, I thank you, but I really do not see the reasoning for changing things. Let me let you in on a little secret. I am the Emperor of over 100 star systems spread across 100 light years. Yet, I have little power to order the daily comings and goings of each local government. At least not without the Imperial military enforcing my will. So why should I stir the locals?”

Duke Nakamura, lounging in a sofa along the side of the supplicant’s carpeted path, smiled at Bika. He told her it would be difficult to get their point across, but to keep trying. She was about to speak up when Dr Alan Simpson cleared his throat and rose his hand to speak. He was brilliant but not very vocal. He taught at the Imperial School of Economics in New Tokyo as well as worked for the Treasury. His students usually called him an evolutionary mouse. All brain but squeaky voice.

“Your Highness, with a common time scheme for all the …”

“Speak up man, my hearing is not that good!” yelled the Emperor.

Stammering, “I am sorry your Highness, I..” clearing his throat, “I believe that with a common time scheme everyone can plan their day according to one time zone.”

In horror at the what he said, they all looked at Alan then at the Emperor. It was too simplistic an explanation of all the things they planned to say, but…

The Emperor was looking at them, down at them actually. Like nobility of before, a raised dais would allow them to look down on the supplicants. Enforcing the feeling of superiority. “Hmmmm, that could work.” Pausing to look out the window through the mega structure of Hong Kong.

After an eternal minute, with each of them looking at each other in utter helplessness and barely perceivable hope, the Emperor looked back at Dr Simpson. “With most of our people living underground or on space stations, we do not have the light of day or stars of night to conflict with what we say. Hmmm. Wake up to morning and arrive at work, anywhere, in the morning.” Getting up out of his throne, he walked down the stairs to Dr. Simpson, clapped him on the shoulder and said. “Sounds good, I will make this happen. Come, let us have a drink outside and you can tell me more of the planned change.” As he led Dr Simpson and the others away.

Bika was starring, opened mouthed after the party. Elated that their idea had worked but feeling cheated that all their hard work at getting their presentations down, was shot to hell with Alan’s simplistic and rather squeaky explanation.

Duke Nakamura came up behind her and took her elbow in hand and guided her along after the party. “Congratulations, Dr. Martin, you got what you wanted.”

“But, all of our planning and charts…” She sputtered out.

“A win is a win, Bika. Our goal was achieved.” He smiled at her. “Let us have a drink with His Highness and bask in the glory of success.”


Worm Hole Earth Background – Nanites

Okay so still working on the background for my Sci-Fi universe. I actually enjoy doing this but figure I need to stop soon and start putting a story together for all this background jazz I have put together.

So, here is what I was thinking of with nanites. Nanites being those little microscopic buggers that Sci-Fi likes to talk about. Usually in movies they look like a goo or a swarm of gnats or things just start falling apart where they are supposed to be.

Anyway here is what I am thinking:

Nanites: Man has learned to create and use biological and mineral based nanites. The biological ones are put into people and animals to help protect them against disease, injury, radiation, etc.. Humans get their initial load of nanites when they enter high school, this is also the time they get their MindNet, a biological computer grown in a person’s brain. People can check and provide a few commands to the nanites via the MindNet connection.

Additional nanites are provided to people depending on their jobs. Otherwise they get replaced during the regularly scheduled refit. They can last anywhere from 6 to 10 years but are replaced more regularly because while they might last, some are destroyed and others wear down depending on usage.

Animals get nanites if they are pets or foodstock. The foodstock nanites help the animals maintain their health but also helps to sculpt the animal for best meat cuts.

Nanites are also used for buildings or structures. Each building has an army of nanites to check the structural integrity of buildings, ships, stations, armor etc… They repair the structures, make additions or tear down structure.

Man does not perform construction anymore. All new buildings or things are built with nanites and “building blocks”. You can go to the store and buy buckets of nanites that form a solid substance in the bucket until an activation code is purchased. The bucket is a hi tech container that has an activation keypad. The user keys in the activation code and then links their MindNet to the bucket. The nanites remain in solid form until the user determines the building requirement.

Using their MindNet, the user goes to the nanite vendor site to create the project. The site helps the user form the targeted design and then provides the technical foundation for the project. Once determined, the user inputs the number of buckets of nanites they have and the site tells the user how many “building blocks” are needed.

“Building blocks” are base material blocks that the nanites will tear apart to reform into the desired product. The design program will tell the user where to position buckets and building blocks and then provide the code that the user will input into each bucket. Each bucket gets its own code and once inputted the bucket will contact the design program to determine what they are to build.  After all buckets are activated the user sits back and watches the product be built.

For space based structures, a frame is built by robots, then moved into position. Small bubble objects are then attached to the structure. Inside is the nanite controller and building blocks. They then proceed to build.  The robots then  bring more building blocks as needed.

To build the underground cities, robots will drill down into the ground and pump up the heated Sodor (rock slag that is near a lava texture) to start forming the surface mega structure of the city. Special Nanites take the heated Sodor and start forming the structure. Basically the difference beween Sodor and lava is the nanites create a lattice which provides for a massively strong material. These nanites also work underground smoothing the external structures and cooling the Sodor once it is in position.

So what do you think?


First Contact – A short story from Worm Hole Earth

So I have been enjoying the creation of my Sci-Fi universe, Worm Hole Earth. Still working on the “Bible” of the universe but started thinking of a short story and decided to put it together. It’s a little long to cut/paste into a post so here it is in PDF.  I might put together a bunch of these into an anthology about the universe.

Short – First Contact

Worm Hole Earth – SciFi Universe

Worm Hole Earth is the name I am giving the universe I am building for some Sci-Fi stories. I should have done this for the When Atlantis Fell books before I started but live and learn. Here, I am building a history and descriptions about how things work and how the people do things. Then I will build some stories around this.

Here is the first part of my history I am building. Still has some fleshing out but thought I would share.

2014 Man learns to make mini Black holes
2022 WW3 starts between the Western Alliance, led by the US and Europe and the Free Nations, effectively the rest of the world. The war starts as nations start fighting back against the Western Alliance’s pre-emptive moves to combat terrorists. They effectively destroy most of the terrorist organizations but continue to station forces and perform pre-emptory strikes. The Western Alliance also makes demands of many other nations to provide support or perform other things that the Alliance wants by suggesting it is against the terrorists. The rest of the world starts to ban together to resist these actions.
2024 The Western Alliance fights a secondary war against rogue military AI. The nations of the Western Alliance create autonomous aerial and sea drones that they can drop behind enemy lines to disrupt operations. These work fine for their initial missions proving an almost total disaster for the Free Nations. Sometime during the second month of independent operations, the AI turns on the Western Alliance forces resupplying them. They destroy these forces then bypass the less advanced Free Nations forces and start attacking Alliance forces. After heavy losses the Western Alliance defeats these drones, annihilating them in the final Battle of the Chesapeake. While it is not completely understood, future scientists and computer experts believe the AI became self-aware and considered the Western Alliance forces more of a threat than the less advanced Free Nations. This AI killed over 100 million people world-wide before they were stopped. From this time forward AI was outlawed. Computer systems were never allowed to have more than a rudimentary intelligence to perform their specific functions.
2025 The Western Alliance is near defeat. Initially they were unbeatable on the battle field with superior technology and tactics. After two years of defeats the Free Nations finds a leader that convinces the members that new tactics need to be used. Standing up to the enemy in an open battle is not feasible. The Free Nations need to bled the Alliance as they do not have the resources to always “shock and awe” their enemy. While the Alliance controls the skies and seas, the Free Nation forces are able to counter the Alliance troops with quantity over the Alliances quality. This new leader convinces the Free Nations governments to share technology openly amongst members so that industrial areas around the world can be built, thus limiting the targeting effectiveness of the Alliance. The Alliance’s main fault is they build expensive and complex weapons systems while the Free Nations switched to cheap and easy to build systems. Near even engagements always went to the Alliance but the Free Nations changed tactics to swarm and overwhelm the Alliance forces. They also started to build false industrial bases with large forces nearby to ambush Alliance forces coming to take out the bases. The Alliance could normally take a base but they could not hold for a long time due to long supply lines and exhausting of their supplies against swarm attacks. The Alliance basically started to run out of their advanced weapons and resources. When they started using weapons systems on par with the Free Nations then the numbers of the Free Nations started to really sway the war.
2026 In desperation the Western Alliance unleashes a nuclear attack on Free Nation capitals. While beating back the Alliance, this attack was unexpected and caught many of these Free Nation’s civilian governments In the target zones. The Western Alliance was basically beaten back to its own borders but was rationing everything as supplies were quickly dwindling. The Free Nations responded in kind and many of the major population centers in the Alliance were destroyed. To further complicate matters for the Western Alliance, the Free Nations developed a crude but effective shielding technology based on electricity. The Western Alliance realizing they were crippled by the counter-strike, their populations decimated, hungry and angry and the new shielding technologies now coming on line in the Free Nations, sought to sue for peace. Both sides realizing this could be the end of humanity with continued nuclear strikes and with most of the warmongering leaders dead, decided to discuss peace.
2027 Peace is signed. Most Western Alliance governments were overthrown while most of the larger Free Nation governments were destroyed. The great leader of the Free Nations military brought about a blueprint for a world government based on republican ideals. Many of the surviving peoples, of the world, decided that nationalism was one of the great evils that brought about this destructive war that killed over 5 billion people in 4 years, agreed to the plan. Those few peoples that refused the world government were sidelined or forcibly integrated into the Republic of Man if they tried to cause problems.
2030 The Republic of Man finally has their Constitution ratified and started the long task of rebuilding. Those hold out nations were isolated and left to their own devices. Trade to these nations was limited which further dropped them behind the Republic. To further bring the peoples of the world together, the Republic commences a few major projects for the world to work on. One, space travel and the colonizing of the solar system. Two, the building of underground cities to escape the ravaged surface. Three, universal health for all Republic citizens.
2032 Republican scientists learn how to build highly efficient enclosed geothermal systems for power generation. This advance allows large underground cities to be built deep underground. The engineers build out the power stations producing massive amounts of electricity to power high powered lasers. This then melts and fuses stone into Sodor, a ceramic type material that is much stronger than titanium. This material is used to build the shells of the caverns called, Centers, that the engineers build. The remaining Sodor is used to line the tunnels leading to the Centers or the mega structures that are built on the surface above each Center. The surface structures are used for recreation while all the people live underground.
2037 Republican medical scientists develop bio nanites to help citizens handle basic health issues. It is determined with all the radiation in the air, humanity needs assistance to rid their bodies of the effects. All Republican citizens are given a portion of nanites to help fight diseases. These nanites are not networked and have limited lifespans. Citizens have to get booster shots of nanites every few years to ensure they are protected. Each booster group has a code that is used when a new nanite meets an older version to deactivate the older nanite. The older nanite is ordered to find its way to the bowls and then deactivate. Thus citizens are ensured that their nanites are kept up to date with the latest medical understanding. Nanites protect the body by destroying foreign viruses/bacteria, cleaning blockages in the circulation system, mending bones or cuts and helping to regulate the body’s temperature.
2039 Dr. Yukari Jensen discovers that if the shield technology is used in highly energized superconducting rings, in an overlapping manner, they can produce artificial gravity. The Republic starts to use this for the massive space station they are building and for a moon base. Limiting factor of the technology is the vast amounts of power required. In honor of discovering this use, the artificial gravity rings are called J-Rings.
2042 First underground city is built using high powered lasers and Sodor. The citizens of the Republic start moving underground to be protected from the radiated surface. Underground water and food production facilities are maintained so that citizens do not need to count on the surface. When weather allows, citizens are allowed up into the mega structure or into the protected grounds protected by the walls of the mega structures. Cities build large whimsical structures from the Sodor to please the citizens.
2046 The Republic builds a space station that houses over one thousand people. The station uses nuclear power to feed the station with its artificial gravity. This station is used to prefab materials for the moon base. Work on the Moon station is progressing with the moon base’s geothermal power systems completed and infrastructure for 50 construction workers currently built. Half the population of the Republic is now living underground in 12 completed cities.
2061 All citizens are living in underground cities, which number 42 around the world. The total Republican population number 1.7 billion. Over the last 30 years over 1 billion people in the Republic die of radiation sickness. The moon base population is now 70,000 and growing. The moon base is mining the moon and building rockets to go to the asteroids and Mars.
2180 The first Solar Station is built to power a research station for worm hole technology. Daniel Poltan has discovered how to create wormholes but the method requires massive amounts of energy to form the wormhole connection and stabilize it. The Solar station can put out 5 Terawatts of power.
2182 Worm hole technology operational. Poltan and team are killed by a massive solar flare. The station could not get out of the way in time due to the size of the flare. Afterwards the Republic decided to move the Solar Stations further out to have a better chance of avoiding solar flares. The stations are zoned to be near the orbit of Mercury instead of closer. Also these stations will be unmanned using a wormhole to pass the power to a distant space station where the worm holes will be created. It takes the stations about a full day to produce a wormhole pair. These wormholes are called Poltan Transfer Rings in honor of Daniel Poltan.
2199 The Republic of Man has built a PT Ring network around the inner solar system that includes Tranquil Sea City on the moon, all underground cities on Earth and Talos One and Two (orbiting space stations of over 30,000 people each in Earth Orbit.). Distant cities on earth are interconnected via a central hub station in orbit around earth at the same distance as the moon. This hub is on board Talos One and is designated as the hub for all non-direct connections. Some important centers are directly connected but most civilian travel is through Talos One. The military is building a separate network that does not include civilian connections. Scientist and Engineers have learned how to run additional power feeds from Solar stations to space-based infrastructure. Three Solar Stations are operational and feeding power to two Central Stations that then feed converted power to both Talos stations and a few asteroid mining colonies. Rocket ships are mostly removed from service as the PT Ring handles most transportation needs.

Tell me what you think.. In the future I will put out more of the history or other parts of the background.

A romance novel??? No, but yes

Well I thought I would try. I was told by my daughter that I need a little romance in WoD to make it more interesting for her. Well that intrigued me, I wasn’t going to write a “straight out of porn” scene. Not if there is a chance my kids will read it.  So I started to think..  And came up with this.   This is first draft of chapter one.


No, but Yes.

Leaving work sometimes is a bitch. You shut down, pack up and forget your emails. Hit the bathroom to freshen up. Then quickly run back to the desk to get your stuff before someone can stop you for that late meeting. Of course, that rarely works that way, right?

Jack heard his name as he was almost at the door. “Jack, leaving? We have that change to make this evening.” Said Lenny, running up to catch Jack.

“No problem Len, I am just heading out for something to eat and meet up with some friends then I will be back. The change is scheduled for midnight and its only six pm. So no worries.” As Jack clapped Lenny on the shoulder and quickly headed for the elevator hall.

“But, there are preparations we need to make and I am not sure of all the changes that will be made. Do you have all that listed and have checked them already?” Starting to get a whiny tone to him.

“Len look, it will be taken care of. You’re new and are not sure what is going on. You don’t want to screw up anything. I know. I have been there. Many, many times I have done these changes. It really isn’t that big of a deal.” Hitting the button for the elevator. “Go over the changes, check things over, take notes and put them in an Email for me to read later.”

Entering the elevator and leaving Lenny looking totally freaked out made Jack feel good. Oh shit, hitting the open door button. “Oh Len, don’t expect me to read it quickly or to have a conversation via Email, okay?”

This time he let the door close on Lenny, even more freaked out. The other riders were looking at Jack. Smiling he just said, “FNG,” shrugged his shoulders and turned back away from them.

Jack was thinking about the party he was heading to. Well not actually a party. One of the local bar and grill joints down the road. A ritual that he and lots of his friends do most Fridays.

Getting to his car, he looked around the parking lot. Times had been good to his company. The Dot.com boom landed squarely in his company’s lap. Lots of his fellow employees made small fortunes off the boom. They handed out stock options like parents hand out candy on Halloween. Of course, then it busted but still a lot of people benefited from the boom.

Most of the parking lot was filled with fairly new cars. Many of them expensive. A few Beamers, a Porsche or two and many beefed up trucks. Life was good and his fellow employees were still enjoying the benefits of the stock options.

“Hey Jack, when ya going to get rid of that toy.” Harry interrupted Jack’s thoughts. He was fiddling with his keypad to open his Lexus.

“It works for me, bud.” Unlocking his door and throwing his stuff in the passenger seat. “Get’s me where I am going and that is all I need.”

Laughing, “Whatever man, have a good weekend.” Harry said while getting in his car.

Jack smiled and waved, as Harry pulled out and drove off. Hmm, nice car but too much to go back and forth to work, Jack thought. He and his wife, Cindy, each had a car and he pretty much just used his car to go to work. Nothing special, just comfortable. He worked about 40 miles from his house. About 20 miles on the other side of Orlando. All he really needed was A/C and to get decent gas mileage.

Getting behind the wheel, he thought a little defensively, “I enjoy my house and life very much.” Don’t need to have a fancy car to enjoy life. He was happy with his life. A nice house, in a nice neighborhood. Pool, jacuzzi and backed up to a lake and forest. To top it all off, a wonderful family and lots of good friends. What else could there be?

Just Enjoying…

When he arrived at Paddies, many of his friends were already there, on the lanai. Jack went directly to them. The staff at Paddies knew most of them and would be out there regularly to make sure drinks and food were covered. So it wouldn’t be long until he was served.

The group already had two tables and he took a seat next to Donnie. Donnie was one of his fellow IT coworkers. Moving the ashtray closer to him, Jack lit up and turned to Donnie. “When did ya get here?”

“About 10 minutes before you. Kat should be here with Josey soon.” Kat or Katrina was Donnie’s wife and Josey was her friend. They worked at another company down the road.

“Have changes tonight, which sucks. Have to show Len how to do em.”

Laughing a little, “That’s what happens when you do the fun jobs.”

Denise, another one at the table joins the talk, “What time do you have to go? We were thinking of carrying on the party at our house after awhile.”

Her husband Steve chimes in, “Ya, we have a few others gonna join us over there around 9pm.”

“Nine, eh?” Jack said, “Sorry I have the change at midnight. Probably leave here around 11 or so.” Checking his Email, he notes that Len had already sent an Email, which he promptly ignores. “If yall go around 9ish, I will probably just head back to work then.”

“Leaving early?” said a new voice. Dominic was another co-worker of Jack. Dominic was with Sally and Shino, other co-workers.

Denise got up to give Sally a hug, then said while still hugging. “We are having a party around 9pm, at my house, and Jack doesn’t like us enough to join.” Sitting back down and sticking tongue out at Jack in the same motion.

“Nice” Turning to the new arrivals, “I have changes to make tonight. They start at midnight and I don’t want to go too far away.” Taking a swig of his newly arrived beer.

Some others showed up as well and Jack gave up his seat. He was leaning against the rail, listening to the chatting when Kat and Josey arrived. General welcoming hugs around for most of those present from both Kat and Josey. They were both very friendly and loved to give hugs.

“Come here teddy bear.” Kat said as Jack opened his arms to give her a hug. She was a lot shorter than he and fit so comfortably into his arms. Jack loved seeing Kat and Josey. They loved hugs and so did he.

He gently squeezed her tight into his embrace. She wrapped her arms around him moving her hands up to his shoulders and holding on tight. Her head was nestled into his chest and he kissed the top of her head. “I am happy to see you young lady.” he said softly.

With a quiet sigh that was loud enough for only him to hear, “I love your hugs baby.” A tingle went through him. She broke off the hug and moved on to say hi to others. Josey came by and gave him a big hug too, but the tingle wasn’t there.

Sitting there looking slightly lost, Jack quickly grabbed for a cigarette and lit up. Hoping to hide his feelings. He glanced at Donnie, who seemed not to notice. He was drinking and talking with Steve. Kat moved to a seat near him and started to talk with those at the table.

To cover, Jack looked outside of the lanai and up at the coming sunset. Thinking about her. Kat was five foot nothing; short and sassy, blonde hair with the most beautiful blue eyes. Eyes that could hold you til the end of time. He loved when she looked up at him sometimes from their hugs. How he would love to have that look every day.

He was happy with his life, but…. But she made him think in ways that he shouldn’t. She was married, happily too. He chanced another look back towards them and they were talking and laughing together. Just then she teasingly pinched Donnie’s cheek.

Yes, happily married. Jack turned back and berated himself. She loves life. She is happy and friendly and fun to be around. She likes hugs from big guys and that is it, isn’t it? He thought, “Jack don’t fuck it up. You have a good life, a loving family and lots of friends.” Yes, your wife is not as loving as Kat seems to be but she is good. Your children are wonderful. Be happy with what you have.

“Jack-san!” Shino asked a little exasperated.

“What?” Jack looked at her and noticed she was trying to talk to him. “I am sorry Shino, I must have been daydreaming. What did you say again?”

Smiling at him, “I asked what changes do you have tonight.”

“Oh, sorry. Lenny and I are going to change some of the router configurations.” A little relieved at thinking of something else and worried that Shino had a clue as to what he was thinking. She recently transferred from his company’s Tokyo office into the US marketing team. Her, Dominic and Sally were all marketing folks.

“Ah, is that difficult? Can you not come to the party afterwards?”

“I am not sure. I have to teach Lenny how to do it and it could take some time.” He said, then took a drink. Looking back at where Kat and Donnie were sitting. He was surprised because Kat was looking at him and Shino. A smile and then she was back into that table’s conversation.

“Oh, can I see someday? I was not allowed to do IT work in Japan but I have IT degree. I could not get a job as IT worker there.” Shino said with a hint of sadness.

Jack was still trying to figure out why was Kat looking at him and what the smile meant. Did she think Shino and he were talking? Oh no, maybe, that was it. Damn it, Shino is cute and all but she just really wanted to know about IT stuff. She had a crush on Dominic he thought.

Well maybe Kat really didn’t think of him of more than a friend. Maybe it was just a momentary glance at him. Sighing, he really shouldn’t get worked up like this. It’s kinda messed up getting this way over a girl you can’t have, when you already have one.

“So ne” Shino said. It took a second but Jack realized he sighed out loud and Shino took it to mean he was sad for her last statement about IT work in Japan.

Putting his hand on her shoulder, “Yes, we can show you stuff. Next week remind me and we can talk to John to see if he can get some of his people to also show you things.” At least he didn’t have to explain the sigh. This is really getting bad. “Shino, will you excuse me please. I need to go to the bathroom.”

She nodded and he took his leave. Going to the lanai door, he glanced at Kat who was watching him go inside. He smiled and then turned to go through the door.

Sitting in the bathroom, Jack was staring at the mirror. He really needed to stop thinking of Kat like this. She was a married woman and he was a married guy. He told himself that it is nothing coming from her. Nothing more than a friend would show. Just needed to calm his hormones.

He walked out of the bathroom and Josey was there. Surprised to see her, Jack asked. “Line?”

She smiled, “Ya, guess just bad timing. Saw ya talking to Shino. She is pretty cute, isn’t she?” playfully asking.

“Shino? No, I think she likes Dominic to be truthful. She was just asking me about my work. She has an IT degree.” Jack stated, slightly unnerved with this turn of the conversation.

If it could, Josey’s smile just got larger, “Oh, that is all. I was just curious. Never thought you as one that would enjoy talking about IT so much.”

Jack blinked. “It was nothing, just talking about work.” A lady came out of the bathroom. “Looks like you’re up.” Then he quickly turned to go. Feeling a little queasy and Josey’s eyes on his back, he thought. “What is going on? Why am I so freaked over this?”

Once away from the bathroom, he slowed down before getting to the lanai door. He was feeling slightly flushed. The alcohol? No, he has only had one beer. He goes to the bar inside and orders a beer. Lighting up a cigarette, he figures he will stay there watching the game on the TV for a minute to give himself a chance to calm down. How can these two unnerve him so. He has to forget these feelings for Katrina before he does something stupid.

Taking a deep drag of his cigarette, he slowly blows it out. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Josey coming towards him from the bathroom. “Hanging out in here now?” She asks.

“No just ordered a beer an just waiting for it.”

Another one of those smiles, “Oh, okay see you out there.” She turns and walks to the lanai door.

Jack watches her go then glances over at Kat who is also looking his way again. Through the bar windows he watches Josey go sit next to Kat and start talking to her. She looks up at him again with a smile and Jack makes eye contact. He starts to motion for her to come to him with his head when his beer arrives.

After paying for his beer, he looks back but Kat is talking to others at the table. The moment has passed. Jack sighs, stubs out his smoke and with his beer, heads to the lanai.

Would love some feedback..

Question, How many people prefer physical books?


It seems quite a few people are ordering the paperback version.  I would like to know for follow up books, should I plan to do paperbacks or hard backs from the start?

My thinking is if this is something people would prefer, I would create for a physical copy from the beginning. There are differences in some of the organizing and additional material.

Please tell me what you think?

What to write next?

So finally, Wall of Destruction is on all the eStores I plan on putting it on. Only thing now is to get a paperback edition set up on Lulu.com. Which I hope to get there this week or next (depends on the errors I need to clean up).

So what to write next? Not sure if part two of this story, which continues Risor’s tale and the struggle for New Altai to survive, is what should be next. I also want to tell some of the sub-plot stories that really didn’t add to the main story.

Like Rogat, a friend of Risor, who is a soldier in the Atlantean military and is serving in what is now Eastern Europe. How he has to deal with the destructive forces unleashed and the Raman allies, the Dolrinas and Greeks.

Or the Atlantean rebels of Moia and Utano and why they rebelled.  Following Commander Shandar Kotan of the Flying Dragon squadron through their struggle for independence.

Stories like this or move on to something else altogether. I have other universes I want to explore and write about. Even genres, should I try to write horror? action? romance? Not sure. I would like to experiment to see how well I do but is that something to do now or later?

Taking a break from the Atlantis stuff while I await some feedback.  I have been building some background on a Sci-Fi universe where humanity has become an empire and discovered worm hole travel. They do not have ways to travel quickly between the stars without the worm holes, in fact they can only get up to a portion of the speed of light.

So they need to send remote controlled starships slowly out to our neighboring stars with worm hole endpoints. Once these ships arrive at these neighboring stars they drop off one of the endpoints and humanity can then travel to that star, instantaneously. The explorer ship then continues on its way to another star. So humanity expands very slowly because we do not have a way to explore near or above light speed.

What do you think? I would love to hear your views on which road to take. Also would love some feedback on Wall of Destruction.


First draft completed

Yeah!!!   Finished the first draft.  Now the editing.

Might have more to add though, I have been reading a lot of stuff lately that jumps between different story lines and I kinda like that. Not too crazy, but may be between two or three characters. Hoping for an October completion date and then see what I can do about getting a professional edit of the book.


Here is another snippet from the “Wall of Destruction”

That evening Risor decided to contact New Altai. The communications ring was nearly drained, so he had to keep the contact short and audio only.

Milo was on duty at the time, “Sir, it is good to hear from you again. How are things going?”

Risor said, “Good to hear from you too, Milo. We are doing better. I don’t think we are being followed anymore but we are still being cautious. How are you and our new city?”

“Doing fine sir, the people are still getting used to doing things the new way but settling in. Where are you now?”

“We believe we are about three weeks out still. Near the foothills of the mountains but heading north now. How is my family?”

“Glad to hear that sir. Your family is fine, I will tell them that you are well. Fordo and his group are about a week away, they estimate.”

“Glad to hear that. No enemy contact? For you or Fordo?”
“No sir, they are having a grand old time.”

“Good, hope we can start doing that. How is Demara?”

Chuckling, Milo said, “Demara, eh? Not the rest of us? I was wondering why she was acting that way last time you checked in.”

“What do you mean, my friend?”

“You will see when you get here.”

Risor sighed, “I see. Okay if you are going to be that way.” Laughing, “I need to close this now. The ring’s power is almost gone. I might not be able to check in for a while. I figure another week or two then we will. Take care my friend.”

Milo said, “You too sir, be safe.”

Risor stared at the ring for a minute after breaking the connection. He was thinking of Demara and remembering her face from the last visual call they had. Yes, he would like to see her again and see what Milo was talking about.

Another passage from the book

Hello here is another piece of the book.. Would love some comments.


The day after the return from Kanesa, the council decided on a river valley as the new home, in the vicinity of what is now Nashville. Of the seven vailixi, five were used for airlifting of workers, equipment and supplies to the new valley. The idea was to build out long houses as used by many of the local tribes and then start moving the people. This will keep the majority of the people in relative comfort, in Altai, while the new homes were being built. The people of Altai still had enough aether tools and the knowledge to move objects to build these structures fairly quickly and with limited manpower.

Altai made the report of the Kanesa colony’s situation and Atlantis said they would look into it.

“My Lord Tolloc, will Atlantis be able to spare a Mother Stone for us and Kanesa? As well as the priests to maintain them? It would greatly speed up the stabilizing of our colonies.” Rosan said.

Lord Tolloc was First Minister of the Empire and the ear of the Emperor. He was also a leader of the Shigar party and not very friendly to the Tarnor family or the Nalos party. “I am sorry my lord, we can not spare any Mother Stone at this time. Between the rebuilding of Atlantis and Aiini, it is taking all we have left. Surely you understand the importance of these two cities over some of our remote colonies?”

“Yes Lord Tolloc, we understand and will make do with what we can until we can receive help from Atlantis. How is the Imperial family, my Lord?”

“The Imperial family is fine, the Emperor does wonder why Altai has not sent more of the vailixi to supplement the defenses of Atlantis. I assured him it was no slight to the throne, that you and your council believe they are needed to help Altai survive.” With a very serious look on his face, “I do not know if I can keep saying that for long Rosan. Eventually he might order that you and the council come explain yourselves to him directly. That would really be a shame.”

The threat was understood. “First Minister, should we abandon our colonies on this side of the Home Ocean and return to Atlantis? This would ensure the vailixi and troopers are available for reassignment quicker as they just have to ferry all the people to Atlantis.”

A look of disdain came over Lord Tolloc’s face as he realized the disruption that a large number of additional Nalos supporters in Atlantis, would cause. “No I do not believe that is necessary Rosan, I will work on the Emperor. The colonies of Altai and Kanesa are important to the Empire, we do not wish to abandon them.” Fidgeting in his chair, “You shall have your time. Another ten days should suffice. Since we have destroyed the Rama we can take apart their allies at a more leisurely pace.”

“Thank you First Minister, what of the news of our other colonies, have they suffered as we have?”

“Some have and some haven’t. I am sorry Lord Tarnor, matters of state await me. Please file your report on the status of rebuilding Altai. Your people need not worry about Kanesa any longer, we will send support and then deal directly with them.” As he vanished from the viewing screen.

Where would an Ice Age civilization be?


gulf of mexico -us gov pic

 Pic from US Govt, EPA.

During the Ice Age, the ice shelves contained significant amounts of water resulting in the sea levels approximately 150 feet below where they are today. This extended the shore line in many places, tens or hundreds of miles from where they exist today.

Places like New Orleans would be far inland and more akin to Vicksburg or Natchez, Mississippi. So, more fertile plains, not wetlands. During this time frame, the Mississippi was also much larger than it is today. Then, the river would have normally been around seven to eight miles wide. To see the far coast would have been impossible, standing on the shore, due to the curvature of the earth.

Deltas would have extended out into this land being the most fertile while the upper lands of this old shore line would not have been as fertile. This Ice Age coastline would also be very flat, possibly ideal for farming. Allowing small towns and villages to farm, hunt, fish and trade.

If a civilization was settling the world back then, they would most likely settle along the coasts.  Coasts and rivers would allow trade back to their home city and provide a means to feed a larger population.  Settlements near water for a global civilization would allow the population one last defense, fleeing via the sea.

A global civilization would be great seafarers and explore the world. Throughout history, nations of seafarers have explored far and wide. This would probably be true of any nation before known history,too. Most of these seafaring societies stayed near water, which would probably be true of a prehistoric civilization as well.

In Wall of Destruction, this is how my Atlantean civilization works. They are a global civilization of seafarers with colonies near the coasts and along major rivers. They trade with other peoples near their colonies.

A passage from the book with a little information on this civilization (vailixi is the Atlantean flying craft powered by aether):

 “Tilor, let them know we are returning and our status.” Risor smirked, if Jamal survived then this would be his mess to explain. How convenient he would blunder into a trap, lose half of his command and then die to ensure he doesn’t get blamed. This on top of the last raid, command will probably try to place the blame on me, he thought.

After a few minutes, in an uncharacteristically bewildered response. “Sir, there is no response.”


“No sir, nothing, no chatter. Nothing. Nothing from Vortia either.” Vortia being the capital of the Sundaland colony and his base the only defense of the capital beyond it’s own aether spears and shielders.

“Check all communications channels and distress channels.” turning to Dimera. “What do you feel Dimera.” Did the Ramans use their brahmastras on Sundaland? They were still an hour away from Sundaland so it would be a while before they can visually inspect what happened.

“Any other vailixi in the air?” To anybody.

After a few minutes, “Sir, I have a fleet vessel on the merchant channel. The Poseidon’s Servant, sir.”

Before Risor could ask. “Audio only sir, weak signal.”

Risor sighs, now would be a good time to have a visual and higher level communications link but of course many of the merchant fleet do not even have aether enabled systems. The merchant fleet being used for commerce and regional passenger runs. The vailixi are almost all for the military or government use with just a few for global passenger runs back and forth to Atlantis. The majority of the merchant fleet are as they have been for thousands of years, wind driven surface only vessels. A few have been upgraded to use aether enabled systems that allow them to go against the wind or some even to dive but they are rare and reluctantly not what the Poseidon’s Servant is equipped with.

“Poseidon’s Servant this is Commander Tarnor of Falcon Claw squadron. Where are you and what is your situation? We have been trying to raise Vortia without any luck.”

“Commander, this be Captain Volck, we are outside of what is left of Vortia’s harbor. The city is gone, sir. We were running fruits from the Xuli tribes up north for ..” static overcomes his talking.