Competition Time!

There are those that say, keep your projects (books, scripts, etc…) secret because you might fail. Then there are those that say announcing it will help push you to complete it because of the fear of failure.  I like the second way.

A writing competition is being sponsored by Launch Pad by the Tracking Board that is bringing together book and movie houses to review entries. Luckily, you do not need a complete novel to enter. Even more luckily for me, I have a pretty complete novel to enter.

So, I need to come up with a name for the trilogy, select 50 pages of text, from the novel, as the entry submission and put together a one page summary, novel and possibly trilogy. All before the 30th of June. Will find out if I was lucky by mid September.

So if you ever wanted to write a book or have one in the works or completed, check out the link. Wish me luck!

An idea for Disney

I sit here in the Disney All-Star Music hotel in Orlando, Florida; relaxing after a long day of driving and flying. Tomorrow, I see my daughters and grand-daughter and I can’t wait. While I relax and do some writing and general goofing off, I thought up the following idea for Disney.

With the craze over Pokémon Go, Disney should create something like that for their resort properties/parks. One of the least fun things when going to Disney’s parks is the wait. Waiting for rides is interesting at best.

What if Disney created their own version of Pokémon Go that only worked in the parks/resorts. It would be Disney characters hiding around the waiting lines of rides or maybe restaurants or parade paths before the parades. This should help keep the guests entertained finding the characters or watching them.

Since most of the rides are themed, the characters around the waiting line could be from those rides. Maybe stick in a few of the most popular characters in all types of rides. Maybe collecting these characters could be made into a game where users collect the characters.  Similar to the Disney pins.

More of an augmented reality application based on a WIFI network. This could also have a social network perspective, to keep people always thinking about Disney. Maybe even simple glasses that are Bluetooth enabled to the guest’s phone. This will keep the user from having to hold the phone. They could just look around with the glasses.

2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 990 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 17 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

To my granddaughter

Today I talked to my oldest daughter and proud mother of my first grandchild. I was so happy to hear her voice but afterwards, in the glow of happinesness in talking to her after such a long time, I thought of how happy I was for all three of my kids. How their mother and I probably did not always say how much we loved and appreciated them. How we did not always show that love or how we might not have acted in the way they felt the most loved. But we loved them.

I wish I was more willing to write how I felt, years ago when they were growing up. How I might have had an opportunity to show that love in ways I did not think of back then. (sigh) Life moves on and we cant change before what we had or did….

I love my kids more than anything and I know my wife does too. We both would do anything for them and are proud of them beyond words.

Now, I have a grand-daughter and I want to express my joy in a way I did not believe I had before. So while, it might not be the best written or most poetic. Might not be worthy of publishing or of acclaim, it is what I have for her. I share here with my family and friends so yall know my joy.
The joy of learning of a pending new life,
the worry of hearing of a birth not right.

The angst of having a child alone, so far away,
parents unable to comfort or hold or tears to stay.

To pray for her and her loved one to be strong,
to hope the pain of the coming birth is not long.

For many the feelings of love are enough,
others the absence is tough.

But even in the most dire of circumstances,
a most beautiful moment dances.

The world opens to a moment of pure brilliance,
where all pain, worry and fear diminish.

Joy for the new arrival’s appearance,
her smile and self we all shall cherish.

What’s Next?

Well the query letter for Wall of Destruction is off to Hollywood. I have so far received 12 “Thank you but no thank you” responses, 1 “Sorry we do not accept Email submissions anymore” and 2 out of office replies.  Many “good luck” wishes and no negative responses. Which I am very happy with.

Reading some of the blogs and such, on the Internet, I was assuming some less than civil responses might be part of the deal. Happy to report that is not the case so far.

I believe I will give the query letters some time to garner interest and will leave the When Atlantis Fell universe for another universe. If there is any interest for Wall of Destruction or the outlines of the other stories around the destruction of Atlantis, then I will continue writing about it. If not, I will try another universe to see if that is more popular.

So I plan on further developing the story of Jana, in the Worm Hole Earth universe. I would like to try and make Jana’s story (a futuristic conspiracy thriller) a complete novel, if possible.  As told in a short story I had wrote, First Contact, Jana is a scientist on a team that discovers a pre-space age race.

My draft log line:

In the distant future, we are not alone but the government tries to cover up the discovery by manipulating the memories of those involved. Jana, a member of that team, is desperate to make sense of those jumbled memories. Something the government can not allow.

Happy 4th of July!

Another 4th spent in Japan.  Instead of having BBQs, enjoying friends and playing with the kids, I was starring at my script trying to figure out what to remove to reach my goal of 120 pages or less.. While not the same as I enjoyed in the US or even here when I was in the Navy (many moons ago), it was relaxing and nice.

Happy Birthday America.

Find a way to grow for all,while maintaining the ideals of our birth.

Worm Hole Earth: Medicine

I was watching one of the “The Great Debates: Origins of the Future” hosted by Lawrence Krauss at the Arizona State University.  Craig Venter was talking about DNA sequencing and it struck me, I need to say something like that for my Universe.

So here is the first draft of it.  I think I can already think up a few story lines about how this works or gets rewired to harm. Hmmmm

In the future, each person’s MindNet connection also has connectivity to a medical facility. A person has a small patch on their arm, leg and back, where a special type of nanite is hosted. They remain inactive,on the patch, until a medicine patch is applied. Via a MindNet connection, they activate, attach to the newly placed patch that has the medicine and remove the medicine. These nanites have been instructed where the medicine is to be delivered and will go there with molecules of the medicine. These patches also can contain other biologic nanites to re-enforce those already in the human’s system.

Other nanites are instructed to assist these medicinal carriers as needed. The nanites will continue traveling between the patch and the target area until the patch is clean of medicine. The MindNet will tell the human when the patch is clean. They can remove and place back in the Medicinal Unit’s receptacle. Nanites in the Medicinal Unit will sanitize the patch for it’s next use.

In each home, vehicle, store, etc.. are Medicinal Units. These are units that house active biologic building blocks (bio soup) and nanites. They build medicines or additional bionanites that humans can apply instead of going to a hospital or before they can get to one, in case of emergencies.

If a person is ill, they would contact a medical facility and give access to their MindNet’s medical sub-unit. The person’s bio-info is reviewed as well as a medical playback of the last 12 hours of body interactions with their environment (eating, exertions, smells, sounds, etc..). The body’s nanites also log their interactions. If they detect foreign substances, they will commence a fight and log the interactions as well as call for assistance from other nanites. If they are getting overwhelmed by the trespasser, they will advise the human via the MindNet. Basic remedies can be ordered from the location’s Medicinal Unit or contact with the medical facility will be made.

The MindNet connection will tell the medical facility technician or doctor where the closest Medicinal Unit is for the person to go to. The technician will code the solution into that Medicinal Unit so the person can pick up a patch as soon as possible, when they get to the Medicinal Unit.

When a person is wounded with a loss of limb, they would go to a medical facility. At the facility, their patch locations would be connected to a special unit that sends medicine or nanites to the body on a near constant basis. These medicines and nanites help stimulate the body to regrow tissue to replace the body part lost.

This is how humanity can live to almost 200 years. Each person is advised to schedule a medical check up every 10 years, starting at their 30th birthday. They get a thorough review and then are scheduled for a therapy day at a medical facility. There they agree to what therapies they wish to partake in. They can make themselves a little younger, change eye color, facial features, re-energize their muscles, tissues, organs, etc.. Then they go into a sleep tank for anywhere from 1 day to 1 month to become revitalized.

Having the therapy at every 10 year anniversary is the best way to keep the time off to a minimum and the costs down. Those that can not or choose not to visit regularly, will have more substantial length visits when they do go.

There are those that refuse this and decide to only accept therapy for medical issues. It is up to the individual to decide. The Imperial government even has grant programs for those that need a lot of work and do not have the money to afford it. A happy population is a non-rioting population.

It’s a Wall of Destruction Holiday

Have a 5 day break, thanks to the Golden Week holiday here in Japan. Will try to get my first draft of the movie script for Wall of Destruction completed during this period.  Might not succeed, still have about 80 pages of the book to go and a few new scenes to add, but it’s a goal to shoot for.

It seems the book has really changed and I will probably rewrite the book to conform more for the movie script.  I believe this would be important, with book two following the movie script flow. Might be a more difficult read to get into book two from the original Wall of Destruction.

Not only have I had to cut out many scenes but had to find ways to reveal internalized story parts for a visual medium. As I have heard many writers and authors across the net, a novel has the luxury of explaining a person’s thoughts or providing background but a movie does not.

Interestingly enough, I like writing in a script format. I think I will try to do the second story, in a script format, then go back and enhance scenes as I feel the need, for the book. Not sure I can do both at the same time, I think I would get bored of writing the same thing over and over. To write one, then later go back and write the other sounds better. Not sure, I will probably try both methods to see what works.

I also plan to start writing for my Sci-Fi universe, Worm Hole Earth. I left the story of Jana hanging and would like to get that out. I might actually try to do that as a movie script as well.

After all, these will never become movies if I don’t try. But if I do try… Unlikely things happen all the time.

Oh and the original, Wall of Destruction, book is free. So get it and let me know what you think. Plus if I remove it, you can at least say you have it.

For those in Japan, enjoy the holiday and so far good weather!