In other news…

With the submission of my entry into the Launching Pad competition, that could have Hollywood and book publishers seeing my story, I have been waging an illogical war in my head. Should I prepare a synopsis of my other books or continue writing the books?

Being optimistic is definitely a necessary trait for what I want to do when I grow up but even I wonder if I am getting too far ahead of myself. I am happy to have put together an entry that I am rather pleased with submitting. I also ordered notes be sent back about my submission. Hopefully, quality notes that I can use to help me better my books and future entries.

The crux of the issue is, if I do have a lot of interest in my story, will they want a presentation of the full story (submitted book one synopsis) and how quickly will they want it.

Murphy’s Law is in total play here!  For those that might not be really familiar with this abhorrent law of nature, it basically means ‘what you least want to happen will happen.’

So if I do not prepare synopsis’ of books two and three and maybe a seasonal story arc for season one of a possible series, suicidal mania will prevail. They will love my story and be really excited but will want to move quickly and will need me to submit yesterday with no promise of payment.

You see the problem right? Being one of many that has that silly obligation called “A day job and bills to pay.” I can not just bar myself in a dark room and type until my fingers bleed. Bills and food be damned.

So write the synopsis’ right?

Well that leads me to the next level of my self-made hell. If I spend a lot of time working on that and nothing happens on the Hollywood front, I have taken away time from working on book two which I am a little more than half way through.  I imagine a book publisher would like to see the books finished, since they are interested in that kinda thing.

Yes, probably not a big problem when compared to so many other curve balls that life can throw our way. But in my totally optimistic frame of mind, I would love this to be a new career and this year to be start of that career.  So need to prepare but which one should I prepare for?

“It’s messing with my zen.”




Seat 14c Short Story Competition

Another competition to try for, especially since this one is free to enter. My luck, I have a hell of a time trying to load the website. The competition is sponsored by X-prize and ANA (All Nippon Airways). The premise is you are on ANA Flight 8 from Tokyo to San Francisco and your plane flies through a wormhole that sends you 20 years into the future.  Yup 2037.

You need to write a short story (between 2000-4000 word) about what you see there. They are asking for positive stories, so no post apocalyptic worlds. First person perspective too.

Here is the first part of my story.  I would be interested in what you think.  Draft version, so happy to hear how I screwed it up but would love for that to be gently done.


“Whoa” I said when the plane hit the turbulence. The lightning was terrible, the entire cabin was lit up and people were yelling. It wasn’t really that bad of turbulence, but enough to shake the nerves.

I looked around the business class seats and noticed the others were settling back in as well. Seasoned travelers we are. A few tightening of the seat belts but for the most part crew and passengers were getting back to normal.

The sun was trying to fight through the clouds to show a beautiful dawn sky ahead of us. The wave tops below sparkled like tiny diamonds in a sea of golden azure. It was a calm view to see after the last 30 minutes of the trip.  The last hour would prove to be very relaxing and then San Francisco.

I couldn’t wait to see my granddaughter again. Such cute cheeks and an irresistibly impish smile. My daughter’s daughter definitely. Lots of spoiling and hugs.

Wait, what is that?

In the distance a large ship was following the receding storm and there was a massive structure on the top of it. It looked like a large funnel. It couldn’t be that heavy or it would have capsized the ship, I imagine.  I wonder what that is for, I thought, pulling out my phone to snap a picture of it.

Never seen a ship like that before. Would need to research a little to see what it does. I continued to stare out the window enjoying the view when another weird scene sailed below. A weird blimp was flying over a ship. The blimp had large propellers on the top of it and looked to be matching the speed of the ship. I watched them for a while and yes, they were moving as one. I snapped a picture of that too.  What a weird day this was shaping up to be.

The landing announcement came over the speakers and the crew started preparing for landing. I looked ahead and saw more blimps over ships and then San Francisco. Something was weird, the skyline did not seem them same. Yes it has been a while since I have been back to the US but this really looked different.

What is up with the blimps?!

There were more blimps over the city, with the large propellers. I did not understand this, the US was not that into green energy last I heard. Grant it California was one of the leaders in the states but this?

More pictures snapped.

As we got closer to the airport, the more things looked out of place. Something was definitely not right. More people around me were questioning the strangeness of the situation.

A passenger in 12C said rather loudly, “I just left here two days ago and this ain’t right.” Others joined in saying how long they have been gone and agreeing on the strangeness. The cabin attendants looked on helplessly.

The Captain made an announcement. “This is the Captain speaking. Folks, something is going on and I am not sure what but we will be landing soon and can get answers then. Please be patient and prepare for landing.”

The landing was uneventful, but where we were landing was anything but uninteresting. The other planes were sharper, defined. Faster looking. Truly massive buildings dotted the skyline with too many flying craft wending through the buildings. That was weird, a few helicopters I can understand but planes or I guess they were planes?  

And those blimps, everywhere………………..

Competition Time!

There are those that say, keep your projects (books, scripts, etc…) secret because you might fail. Then there are those that say announcing it will help push you to complete it because of the fear of failure.  I like the second way.

A writing competition is being sponsored by Launch Pad by the Tracking Board that is bringing together book and movie houses to review entries. Luckily, you do not need a complete novel to enter. Even more luckily for me, I have a pretty complete novel to enter.

So, I need to come up with a name for the trilogy, select 50 pages of text, from the novel, as the entry submission and put together a one page summary, novel and possibly trilogy. All before the 30th of June. Will find out if I was lucky by mid September.

So if you ever wanted to write a book or have one in the works or completed, check out the link. Wish me luck!

An idea for Disney

I sit here in the Disney All-Star Music hotel in Orlando, Florida; relaxing after a long day of driving and flying. Tomorrow, I see my daughters and grand-daughter and I can’t wait. While I relax and do some writing and general goofing off, I thought up the following idea for Disney.

With the craze over Pokémon Go, Disney should create something like that for their resort properties/parks. One of the least fun things when going to Disney’s parks is the wait. Waiting for rides is interesting at best.

What if Disney created their own version of Pokémon Go that only worked in the parks/resorts. It would be Disney characters hiding around the waiting lines of rides or maybe restaurants or parade paths before the parades. This should help keep the guests entertained finding the characters or watching them.

Since most of the rides are themed, the characters around the waiting line could be from those rides. Maybe stick in a few of the most popular characters in all types of rides. Maybe collecting these characters could be made into a game where users collect the characters.  Similar to the Disney pins.

More of an augmented reality application based on a WIFI network. This could also have a social network perspective, to keep people always thinking about Disney. Maybe even simple glasses that are Bluetooth enabled to the guest’s phone. This will keep the user from having to hold the phone. They could just look around with the glasses.

2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 990 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 17 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

To my granddaughter

Today I talked to my oldest daughter and proud mother of my first grandchild. I was so happy to hear her voice but afterwards, in the glow of happinesness in talking to her after such a long time, I thought of how happy I was for all three of my kids. How their mother and I probably did not always say how much we loved and appreciated them. How we did not always show that love or how we might not have acted in the way they felt the most loved. But we loved them.

I wish I was more willing to write how I felt, years ago when they were growing up. How I might have had an opportunity to show that love in ways I did not think of back then. (sigh) Life moves on and we cant change before what we had or did….

I love my kids more than anything and I know my wife does too. We both would do anything for them and are proud of them beyond words.

Now, I have a grand-daughter and I want to express my joy in a way I did not believe I had before. So while, it might not be the best written or most poetic. Might not be worthy of publishing or of acclaim, it is what I have for her. I share here with my family and friends so yall know my joy.
The joy of learning of a pending new life,
the worry of hearing of a birth not right.

The angst of having a child alone, so far away,
parents unable to comfort or hold or tears to stay.

To pray for her and her loved one to be strong,
to hope the pain of the coming birth is not long.

For many the feelings of love are enough,
others the absence is tough.

But even in the most dire of circumstances,
a most beautiful moment dances.

The world opens to a moment of pure brilliance,
where all pain, worry and fear diminish.

Joy for the new arrival’s appearance,
her smile and self we all shall cherish.

What’s Next?

Well the query letter for Wall of Destruction is off to Hollywood. I have so far received 12 “Thank you but no thank you” responses, 1 “Sorry we do not accept Email submissions anymore” and 2 out of office replies.  Many “good luck” wishes and no negative responses. Which I am very happy with.

Reading some of the blogs and such, on the Internet, I was assuming some less than civil responses might be part of the deal. Happy to report that is not the case so far.

I believe I will give the query letters some time to garner interest and will leave the When Atlantis Fell universe for another universe. If there is any interest for Wall of Destruction or the outlines of the other stories around the destruction of Atlantis, then I will continue writing about it. If not, I will try another universe to see if that is more popular.

So I plan on further developing the story of Jana, in the Worm Hole Earth universe. I would like to try and make Jana’s story (a futuristic conspiracy thriller) a complete novel, if possible.  As told in a short story I had wrote, First Contact, Jana is a scientist on a team that discovers a pre-space age race.

My draft log line:

In the distant future, we are not alone but the government tries to cover up the discovery by manipulating the memories of those involved. Jana, a member of that team, is desperate to make sense of those jumbled memories. Something the government can not allow.

Happy 4th of July!

Another 4th spent in Japan.  Instead of having BBQs, enjoying friends and playing with the kids, I was starring at my script trying to figure out what to remove to reach my goal of 120 pages or less.. While not the same as I enjoyed in the US or even here when I was in the Navy (many moons ago), it was relaxing and nice.

Happy Birthday America.

Find a way to grow for all,while maintaining the ideals of our birth.