Published: Wall of Destruction

WoD cover
Do you know how fabled Atlantis fell?  It was said it sank beneath the waves. What if it happened like this?
   During the last ice age, a global war between the empire of Atlantis and their arch-rival, the Rama Empire, is tearing the world apart. Atlantis, driven by the hunger for world domination, unleash their versions of weapons of mass destruction. Facing annihilation, in a last desperate gambit, Rama strikes back in a way that destroys the Ice Age world they knew.
   In the aftermath of Rama’s desperation, the survivors of one remote Atlantean colony decide its time to leave the power hungry, war mongers ruling Atlantis. The problem is, Atlantis is not willing for them to leave.
   Wall of Destruction, first book of the “When Atlantis Fell” series, follows the life of one man in the final days of Atlantis and he and his fellow survivor’s struggle to leave Atlantis.
Amazon: For all their stores:  ASIN: B00O6ZB64E
Rakuten through Kobo (For Japan: sorry can’t seem to bring up the US site).
*     Paperback edition available here.

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