Rewrite of Wall of Destruction.

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes new thoughts. I have been working on the rewrite of my novel, to reflect the screen play. I had also outlined some good sub-plots, but could not figure out how to integrate them into the story line. The problem was length.

Last night in the shower (maybe too much information?), I came up with the idea on how to break it up. Instead of a two-part story, I will make it a three-part.

In the original story line, the first novel contains the destruction of Atlantis. Briefly mentions the rebellion of Luxa. Then details the final battle between the rebels of Altai and Luxa. The second book would have covered Risor’s march to overthrow Luxa.

Now with the three part story line, I will cover the sub-plot stories as well. The first book will be rewritten to end with the rebellion of Luxa. This new first story will introduce all the characters and their different timelines. Risor’s story will still be the main theme but Jana and the others will have their stories told.

In book 2, Lady Jana’s renewed search for Risor will culminate in the battle between Altai and Luxa. The other characters will have their stories told of how they are surviving the floods and loss of civilization. Luxa will be the main enemy of most of the characters here.

Finally, in book 3, Risor will try to raise an alliance to overthrow Luxa. A new antagonist of Luxa will come to prominence and many of the characters taken, in book 2, by the forces of Luxa will come together for the final battle between Risor’s alliance and Luxa.

As I have mentioned in other posts, I will write the stories first. Then create screen plays based on the stories.  This should allow me to tighten the stories. Once I am satisfied, I will then rewrite the stories to conform to the screen plays.  When I publish the books, I will also take my shot with Hollywood.  My goal will be to finish this in 2016.

Dream big, win big!




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Living in Japan, the land of Anime, the Samurai, the ultra modern and extremely old. These contrasting themes fuel my worlds. Both the ancient and new meld together into worlds where super-powered school kids defeat evil; forest spirits help or fight humans; and giant, futuristic robots battle to save civilization. Where else to live for inspiration! A screenwriter and novelist living in the suburbs of Tokyo. A love of history, space and science in general and the beauty of life inspire his tales. He is currently writing an epic adventure trilogy about the downfall of Atlantis.

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