Wall of Destruction Movie Script: Draft of Query Letter


I would like to ask your opinions of this as my query letter to Hollywood agents, managers and producers. Do you think it sounds interesting enough for you to ask for more information?  Please let me know.  Thank you.

Dear xxxx

I wish to submit my feature length epic adventure screenplay, Wall of Destruction, for your consideration. This screenplay is based on my novel, titled the same.

During the last ice age, a war between advanced civilizations, ravages the world. The survivors of a remote colony struggle to build a new life and escape the grasp of far away, war crazed Atlantis.

This screenplay is about the last days of the war between Atlantis and the Indian kingdom of Rama. Wall of Destruction is part one of a two part story about the downfall of the these pre-history civilizations. The downfall of Atlantis and the destruction of their world is seen through the experiences of Lord Risor Tranor of Altai.

Risor commands an Atlantean flying squadron and participates in the last battles of the war. He learns that not all of his enemies come from the Raman Empire. Risor is part of the Nalos party, which wishes for peace and a return to the worship of the Gods. His main antagonist, Lady Jana, is another squadron commander but of the Shigar party, which wants dominion over the entire world.

In the Raman Empire’s last desperate gambit to forestall total defeat, the world is forever changed with floods that destroy cities, both friend and foe alike. Risor and the other survivors of Altai decide they have had enough, of rule by Atlantis and decide to forge a new path. Atlantis, the Shigar and Lady Jana are not quite ready to let them go.

I have published Wall of Destruction and completed the outlines of part two plus two sub-plot stories. These outlined stories all culminate in the final battle of book two.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let me know if you would like to read the full screenplay or treatment and I will send to you immediately.

Best Regards,

James Grimm


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Living in Japan, the land of Anime, the Samurai, the ultra modern and extremely old. These contrasting themes fuel my worlds. Both the ancient and new meld together into worlds where super-powered school kids defeat evil; forest spirits help or fight humans; and giant, futuristic robots battle to save civilization. Where else to live for inspiration! A screenwriter and novelist living in the suburbs of Tokyo. A love of history, space and science in general and the beauty of life inspire his tales. He is currently writing an epic adventure trilogy about the downfall of Atlantis.

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