Wall of Destruction Movie Script: Treatment Complete

Finally finished it. The draft that is.  It is about 10 pages and now I have to go through and edit.  One step closer to getting this in front of Hollywood. Thank you to those who have supported my efforts and encouraged me to continue. Hugs!

It is amazing how difficult it is to first write a 240+ page book. Then condense that down to a 120 page movie script, with new stuff to make it more movie like.  Finally, to summarize all that in 10 pages, in a manner that hopefully excites the readers.

Once I clean that up some and go through the script again to make sure the logic flows, I will work on query letters and revisit the log line.  For those that might not have read the log line posts a while back:

Log Line: During the last ice age, a war between advanced civilizations, ravages the world. The survivors of a remote colony struggle to build a new life and escape the grasp of far away, war crazed Atlantis.


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Living in Japan, the land of Anime, the Samurai, the ultra modern and extremely old. These contrasting themes fuel my worlds. Both the ancient and new meld together into worlds where super-powered school kids defeat evil; forest spirits help or fight humans; and giant, futuristic robots battle to save civilization. Where else to live for inspiration! A screenwriter and novelist living in the suburbs of Tokyo. A love of history, space and science in general and the beauty of life inspire his tales. He is currently writing an epic adventure trilogy about the downfall of Atlantis.

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