From the web: 14 Myths About Writers

14 Myths About Writers

From the online magazine, Authors Publish, by Emily Harstone.

This was a very nice article about things that people think about writers. I have heard most of these myths but didn’t know about the idea of being independently wealthy. I wish it was true because I would really like the money 😉

Somethings I would like to comment on:

1) The Day Job is the Enemy.  I actually agree that the day job is the enemy. Not so much about having to work and not having the time to write, but that I can not do what I did when I was not working. I find that there are too many distractions, in the home, to consider it a productive environment for me.

Last year, when I was “on vacation” I would do most of my writing in a bar near my old job. I would get there around 2-3pm and write for 2-3 hours until my friends showed up. The bar (Pronto coffee house/bar) served coffee and such before 5pm and I would sit and drink coffee, smoke and write.

Can’t really do that now. Work is work and coffee shops are busy on the weekends. So the day job is my enemy.

2) All writers are alcoholics.  I agree this is a myth. Even if my most productive periods were in a bar. 🙂

3) The daily habit.  This myth states to be a writer you have to write every day. I was always worried about this because I am no where near that. I have intentions to write most days but end up getting distracted. I am thankful for Emily to mention this one.

So there are some of my comments on this great article. What are your thoughts?


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