Wall of Destruction Background: On Heroes

Since I was building the background on my Worm Hole Earth universe, I thought it would be a good idea to do so for the When Atlantis Fell universe. This seemed to make even more sense when I thought that if I actually do get a movie script together, it would be useful for those making the movie. And its fun.

So first I start with Heroes. I hope you like it.

Heroes are blessed by the Gods with great strength and speed with usually one of these attributes being way beyond normal human abilities. Combined with the Gods usually providing the hero a special weapon and these people become champions of their people.

It is said, that Atlantis had heroes in their early days as Posideon took an active interest in his chosen. These heroes, like Articus clearing the mountains near Atlantis of the tribe of Pantagor giants, helped solidify the domain of Atlantis and ensure the Atlanteans continued success and growth as a nation.

As the Atlanteans grew in stature and strength, fewer heroes were born. Thousands of years later, the god Dionysus’ tutor Silenus visited the Atlantean king Ceros and in his drunken stupor, divulged how to channel Aether’s power, the Atlanteans became even stronger. Zeus was angered by the loss of this secret and wanted to destroy Atlantis to recover the secret. He feared the power of Aether would be turned against the Gods. Posideon, not wanting to see his chosen people destroyed, saved Atlantis by petitioning Zeus for mercy. He showed that the Atlanteans were peaceful and helpful to the other humans with this power.

Reluctantly Zeus allowed Atlantis to continue. This was not let go by the other pantheons. Vishnu and the other gods of the Raman people, didn’t give their followers the secret of Aether but blessed individuals as the heroes we know. While Atlantis had strength of arms with their Aether weapons, the heroes provided balance with their God given abilities and weapons. The balance was maintained.

Millenia later, Atlantis turned from a friend of other peoples to the conqueror they are at the time of the events in the Wall of Destruction. As they grew in numbers, they stopped believing in the Gods and thus the Gods weakend in power. There were enough followers in the Atlantean Empire that the Gods did not destroy them but visited many vile creatures upon the Atlanteans and turned others against them.

During the final war, the Raman Gods had given their people the secret of Aether to balance against an Atlantean Empire gone wild. Other pantheons refused to let their people have the power of Aether but provided more heroes to help their people. The Greeks, fellow followers of Posideon, Zeus and their pantheon, were turned against the Atlanteans and joined the followers of Rama. The Ramans gave the Greeks weapons of Aether but not the knowledge to build such weapons. They did this with the Hu and Dolrinas as well. Any way to hurt the Atlantean people.

During the decades long war, many heroes stood the line against the overwhelming power of Atlantis. Their courage and honor gave strength to those around them. Those that had to fight against armored warriors using beam weapons and deadly flying craft, with only sword, bow and spear, felt the Gods were on their side.

Each hero, when revealed, would gain a following called their companions. Sometimes the Gods would gift the companions God-smithed weapons as well. Swords strong enough to slice through the armor of the Atlantean troopers, arrows that would explode or fly many times farther than a normal arrow or shields or armor that would turn Aether beams from the wearer.

One such example was during the Siege of Vantul by the Hu. A Hu hero, Tadanakoro rode a giant eagle provided by Tamdrul, the Hu God of Air. His daring night flight and dive towards the town square behind the main gate broke the back of the Atlantean ally, Megor. It was said that Tadanakoro jumped off his eagle, Zaidon, and slew a hundred Megor warriors before they really knew what happened. Tadanakoro was gifted with incredible speed and the ability of foresight.

The legends say he saw the reactions of the Megor warriors before they even started and could plan his movement between them. Killing some before they even started their move towards him. He gained the gatehouse and opened the city gate to allow his fellow Hu warriors to flood the city. No more than a handful of Vantul citizens survived the massacre. Most of those getting out via other gates before the Hu had effectively closed the gaps in their lines.

So feared were these heroes and their companions, sometimes the mere mention that a hero was around would cause the Atlantean forces to falter in their advance. The fear was so much, that when found, the highest priority was to kill the hero and his/her companions with all resources available.

This even led to Atlantean killing Atlantean to destroy the hero. During the sea battle of Rosa Mare, near the Italian peninsula. A Greek fleet was set on by a combined naval and vailixi force. The Greeks assisted by a few Raman vimana were trying to strike the Atlantean base on what is now the Island of Sardinia. With the fleets engaged it was then learned that the hero, Valiant, was in the Greek fleet.

Using a catapult system, he was flung from a Greek ship onto one of the Atlantean ships. There he slew most of the warrior topside and destroyed the rudder. Then cutting the sail from the mast, he swung to another ship. Also killing those topside, setting the ship aflames and destroying the rudder.

Eventually the vailixi started strafing the ships where they thought he was located. The Atlantean naval force was so distraught over this action, they turned and fled. Before they were clear of the menace, the Atlantean vailixi and naval forces were firing on each other. The fleet fought to defend itself against the crazed attack by the WaveRider squadron. The WaveRiders were known to be a fanatical lot but fighting their navy, the vimana and Valiant proved too much.

As they were leaving the area, Valiant leapt onto a vimana and then onto the WaveRider commander’s vailixi. Using his sword, Elektra, he cut into the vailixi and killed the crew and took the head of the commander. Before the vailixi crashed, he jumped back to a nearby vimana and, in a final insult, he threw the head onto the deck of one of the retreating Atlantean ships.

Such are the deeds of heroes.


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Living in Japan, the land of Anime, the Samurai, the ultra modern and extremely old. These contrasting themes fuel my worlds. Both the ancient and new meld together into worlds where super-powered school kids defeat evil; forest spirits help or fight humans; and giant, futuristic robots battle to save civilization. Where else to live for inspiration! A screenwriter and novelist living in the suburbs of Tokyo. A love of history, space and science in general and the beauty of life inspire his tales. He is currently writing an epic adventure trilogy about the downfall of Atlantis.

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