From the web: One group of scientists look at vimana

Vimana, or flying craft, mentioned in the ancient Hindu texts were considered, by many modern scientists, as creations of myth. There is no proof that they existed, other than the documents that mention them. But wouldn’t it be interesting if something was found?

What if these myths were real, long ago. There would probably be those that had no idea what the technology was. Like today, many of the users of the Internet don’t know how it works, just that it works. If the world went into a global disaster, then years later when the old ones were reminiscing about how wonder life was, they might talk about the Internet to those around the camp fire.

How they were able to order things and have them delivered to their home. How they could see movies and pictures of places they have never been to. Listen to people speak from the other side of the world.

How would those young people that never experienced anything like that react? They might be awed. Then tell others that they know, maybe those of the village that were not present at the fire. Or were out fishing or hunting. We know through the classroom experiment, grapevine, that the story told through many people changes.

Being that these people probably struggled to survive daily, then a tale of something so wondrous and magical would probably remain in the minds. When the old ones died, no one would be there to correct the story. It would be a story about the time before the great <put favorite disaster here>.

Men were gods, they called up magic and moved faster than a horse could carry them. They could travel to the stars and go from one part of the world to another in one day! They cured most diseases and lived more than 80 winters. They run for enjoyment not to survive.

Eventually, the people would try to codify the stories of the First Time, the Golden Age of Man. When gods walked amongst the people. They had vast power at their disposal but also great and savage weapons of power. The gods waged war on each other with flying craft that shot arrows of massive power. They sailed the oceans and could sail under the oceans.

Why did beings of such power die? It had to be the great <put favorite disaster here> was the punishment by the Father of the gods. Still the name of the tools of the gods might not be remembered but some of the things they could do, explained as the people could explain.

Is this the future of mankind if we get one of the <put favorite disaster here>? Is this the past of mankind?  We do know that we get certain disasters over and over and of course man just loves killing his fellow man.

Is this true? Who knows, until we search more underwater, I will hold out hope. Is this a possible future of ours? Possible, we don’t really know what the peasants of the Dark Ages used to say about the times of Rome. It would be interesting to know though.




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Living in Japan, the land of Anime, the Samurai, the ultra modern and extremely old. These contrasting themes fuel my worlds. Both the ancient and new meld together into worlds where super-powered school kids defeat evil; forest spirits help or fight humans; and giant, futuristic robots battle to save civilization. Where else to live for inspiration! A screenwriter and novelist living in the suburbs of Tokyo. A love of history, space and science in general and the beauty of life inspire his tales. He is currently writing an epic adventure trilogy about the downfall of Atlantis.

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