Worm Hole Earth – Timeline part 2

While working on my published book’s movie script, I sometimes come back to my Sci-Fi universe. Part of this is building the background of how the universe works and here is part two of the timeline for my universe. One day I will make a massive timeline post for all but for now, just small easy to digest pieces.


The first post was titled: Worm Hole Earth – SciFi Universe (posted Nov 16, 2014). Goes from 2014 to 2199. I have included the last two entries to this one.


2182 Worm hole technology operational. Poltan and team are killed by a massive solar flare. The station could not get out of the way in time due to the size of the flare. Afterwards the Republic decided to move the Solar Stations further out to have a better chance of avoiding solar flares. The stations are zoned to be near the orbit of Mercury instead of closer. Also these stations will be unmanned using a wormhole to pass the power to a distant space station where the worm holes will be created. It takes the stations about a full day to produce a wormhole pair. These wormholes are called Poltan Transfer Rings in honor of Daniel Poltan.
2199 The Republic of Man has built a PT Ring network around the inner solar system that includes Tranquil Sea City on the moon, all underground cities on Earth and Talos One and Two (orbiting space stations of over 30,000 people each in Earth Orbit.). Distant cities on earth are interconnected via a central hub station in orbit around earth at the same distance as the moon. This hub is on board Talos One and is designated as the hub for all non-direct connections. Some important centers are directly connected but most civilian travel is through Talos One. The military is building a separate network that does not include civilian connections. Scientist and Engineers have learned how to run additional power feeds from Solar stations to space-based infrastructure. Three Solar Stations are operational and feeding power to two Central Stations that then feed converted power to both Talos stations and a few asteroid mining colonies. Rocket ships are mostly removed from service as the PT Ring handles most transportation needs.
2215 The last of the “other” nations on earth have been integrated into the Republic of Man with the fall of the Nordic Federation. The Nordic Federation was created after the fall of the Western Alliance as most of those nations were not bombed. Prime Minister Lee of the Republic was assassinated during a visit in April and the Federation was destroyed by June. The new Prime Minister Mwansa, determined that this last standout had run its course and their integration into the Republic was at hand. The Federation’s military was no match for the Republic’s more advanced forces with shields, nor the kinetic weapons used from space to wipe out Federation military bases. The populations of the Federation were dispersed around the Republic. With the new cities planned in previous Federation land, a total of 80 cities around the world exist.
2219 The Republic builds the first star ship that is powered by an electrical plasma engine. The star ship, “Explorer” uses PT rings from two Central Stations to feed on board systems. Another PT ring is used by the crew to allow transport between ship and the first military star fortress in operation. With the PT ring fed engine, the ship can use constant acceleration to quickly speed their way to the outer planets. After shakedown cruises in the inner system, the Explorer class ship is assigned to production and additional ships are built. The Explorer makes travel from Talos Two to Mars in 8 days. While there are already existing PT Ring orbital stations above Mars, this speed brings back the idea of using star ships also for travel between sites. This would be especially useful for transporting of materials between orbital factories, asteroid belt mining colonies and other large volume transport needs. Republican Star Ship (RSS) Explorer makes the first journey to Neptune in 180 days. While the Republic has sent craft to further explore the outer planets, only Jupiter had a PT Ring orbital science station. It was considered not reliable enough to just use PT Rings. If a problem occurred on the Jupiter station it would take over 1 year to mount a rescue. Now with the new star ships a rescue could be there in one month if coming from Earth. The second PT Ring Guild is chartered on Talos Two, new routes are added to cities to satisfy more demand for travel.
2241 Terraforming of Mars commences. Previously Mars was studied for existing life. It was determined that the only life left on Mars was bacterial and that the planet would be re-designated as a terraformer. Venus is also considered a terraformer but scientists are still working on how to bring down the planet’s temperature. All Sol system planets have orbital stations. Mining in the Asteroid belt, Kuniper belt and Oort cloud has commenced. The “Scheffer” class of space mining ships have been commissioned by the 4 mining consortiums that are chartered to mine the Sol system. The “Scheffer” class ships are massive ships over 5 miles long and 3 miles in diameter. They have large bays forward that allow the ship to “swallow” asteroids or comets, lock them in place and then start mining them. Only the rear 1/3 of the ship has artificial gravity. There is a large PT Ring that feeds the broken down materials to an orbital industrial station. The ship drills stabilizing struts into the object then miners go out and break up the material. Large vacuum type systems suck all the lose material up and push it towards the PT Ring. These ships can scoop up 4-5 objects less than a mile wide and start tearing them apart. The crew gets changed out every 8 hours with another shift from the industrial station. No further mining on the Earth, Moon or Mars is allowed. All future mineral gains will need to come from space based sources. The people of the Republic have started to use PT Rings so much that many of the citizens commute to work within the Solar system on a daily basis. The Republic has also started growing large amounts of crop foods or doing animal husbandry on large orbital stations. These stations are not using the J-Rings but the older core spin model. Large 3-5 mile long tubular stations that spin. The plants or animals are kept in the spin modules.
2269 The idea of visiting other stars has taken root. Remote controlled ships manned and powered via PT Rings will be sent off towards all the closest stars. The closest one, Alpha Centauri, will take approximately 14 years to be reached. The “Galaxy” class remote controlled explorer class ships are commissioned to explore the stars. Each ship will have its PT Ring systems but will contain 10 additional PT Rings that will be dropped off in each system encountered. It is determined that each system will require between 2-3 rings. The goal is to have the ship fly to the targeted system, do an initial scan of system and drop off at least one PT ring for a fusion powered star ship to come through. The system explorers will check out the Galaxy class for any repairs that are needed. If the Republic plans on staying in the system, they will start passing through more in system ships and a space station. The engineers will put together a Solar station and a Central Hub to start building PT Rings locally. Also a fusion powered mining unit will come through to start gathering resources locally for the build out of the system. It takes the Galaxy class ships a year to get into position above the system’s plane and get up to 30% of Light Speed. It also takes them a year to slow back down and come back onto the target system’s plane at least a light month out of the system. This was done to allow the ships sensors to start recording system information before getting too close at high speed. It was determined that the shields they have, can handle small object collisions at this speed but not much more.
2287 Galaxy class explorer “New Horizon” arrives at Alpha Centauri to discover 8 planetary bodies orbiting the two stars. Many more plutonians are found in the Kuniper belt that surrounds the binary star system. Proxima Centauri was left alone and will be explored by a future explorer built by sources in Alpha Centauri since it is less than .2 light years from Alpha Centauri. The Republic sends through a fleet of in system explorers and stations to build Solar Stations around the brighter of the two stars. New Horizon drops off 4 PT Rings and continues on to Epsilon Indi in approximately 30 years.
2300 The Republic of Man has visited every star within a 10 Light Year range. Each system has a small military/science station, a solar station, Central Hub and at least a mining consortium station and mining ships. One of the interstellar PT rings acts as the ship gate for the system and the other two are split between the Military center and the Central Hub. As other PT Rings are manufactured locally, they are assigned to the other stations in system. The Red Dwarf stars in the M Class have proven quite valuable for resource mining. Sometimes they have planets or plutonians that are usually dead but worthy of mining. For systems that have potential to harbor life, the government declares them either Terraformers or Life Bearing. In these systems the government assigns a civil governor and a life habitat is planned.
2301 It is known that the Chibra Mining Consortium has built their headquarters on Lalande 21185, which they have renamed San Han. They had negotiated a 500 year lease from the government in 2301. On San Han III, they found a planet that has an atmosphere that is breathable and gravity about the same as Earth’s. There they will build their processing centers, storage facilities and business centers. Above in space they already made plans for a large fleet facility and mineral receiving facility. The original Ring Guild, the Poltan Ring Guild, was apparently commissioned to build rings for San Han as their newly commissioned ring making ship was seen transiting to this system.
2313 The Republic of Man has built space stations to study planets in 9 of the surrounding star systems. While in 5 of these systems, the planet is outside of the habitable zone of the star, the planets have active volcanism that ensure the geothermal method of powering cities is possible. These systems will have short scientific study periods and have underground cities created to foster colonies for humanity. While these planets will not foster life on the surface they are havens for humanity in case Sol is destroyed.
2315 The InterStellar Transport Guilds are chartered to build Nebula class ships that will be used for worm hole transportation between stars. The Nebula class is like the Galaxy class but with a crew compartment and fusion engines. These are used for moving between star systems via the PT Ring network. When they get to their destination they are fitted with rings for power and remote control. With the connectivity of 30+ star systems and more coming every year, the idea that a vast interconnected network of worm holes is needed. No particular system being removed from the network will cause any particular system to be cut off from humanity. Worm hole production will be developed in many of these star systems with the Ring Guilds controlling production and deployment. They will work with the PT Ring Transport Guilds and InterStellar Guilds to determine where hubs are and where the InterStellar Guilds need to pick up worm holes.

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